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Ginaz Swordmasters

Ginaz Swordmasters are the finest bladesmen in the galaxy, and are trained
at an academy on the planet of Ginaz.  Training there takes 8 years, and
produces men who are "living weapons".  Such men, however, adhere to a
strict code of honor, and reports state that after dishonoring oneself,
Swordsmasters lose their honored title in a formal trial.  The Ginaz school
accepts anyone who can pay for the training and who won't quit halfway
through.  Unfortunately, only a third of the men who go into the training
come out alive, giving Swordmasters a higher than average Willpower roll.  
Reports also indicate that aside from the 15 forms of combat learned there
(each one constituting a different level, so for example, someone who has
reached the tenth level in Ginaz training has learned 2/3rds of the fighting
styles there), people say that Swordmasters also learn strategy and tactics,
as well as history, calligraphy, epic poetry, haiku, and many other art
forms.  Ginaz students are some of the most feared in the galaxy,
outperforming even Jedi and Sardaukar with incredible swordsmaship.
Note: I recommend that this be used as a GM character because of the high
skill die and incredible toughness inherent in this char.

Character Type: Ginaz Swordmaster

                  Brawling Parry: Martial Arts: 5D
                  Melee Combat: Ginaz Swordmastery: 7D
                  Melee Parry: Ginaz Swordmastery: 7D
                  Thrown Weapons
                  Vehicle Blasters

                 Scholar: Poetry: 5D
                 Scholar: Military History: 5D
                 Willpower: 5D

                Beast Riding
                Ground Vehicle Operations
                Hover Vehicle Operations
                Repulsorlift Operations
                Starfighter Piloting
                Starfighter Gunnery
                Starfighter Shields
                Swoop Operations
                Walker Operation



              Blaster Repair
              First Aid
              Ground Vehicle Repair
              Hover Vehicle Repair
              Repulsorlift Repair
              Starfighter Repair
              Walker Repair

Special Abilities
Suspension: Swordmasters can place themselves in a near catatonic state,
enabling them to survive normally mortal injuries.  The use can go on until
the Swordmaster is fully healed and during the usage, the Swordmaster
regains one wound level per round until fully regenerated.  The Swordmaster
automatically goes into the trance if incapicitated.  However, while in the
trance, the Swordmaster is helpless, and his awareness is turned inward.  
Therefore, he is extremely vulnerable.  He cannot come out of the trance
unless he chooses to, and then it takes two rounds for him to be fully aware
of his surroundings.  Therefore, an enterprising individual might attempt to
kill a Swordmaster while in this trance.

Equipment: Sword (any kind), Ginaz uniform, knife (any kind), and 2500

Move: 12
Force-Sensitive: ?
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 1

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