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Apailana (Human Queen of Naboo)

Apailana (Human Queen of Naboo)

Rystall Sant (Half Theelin Dancer/Entertainer)

Rystall Sant (Half Theelin Dancer/Entertainer)


Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: New RepublicCanon: No


Note: All dates are written considering the Batlle of Yavin to be year 0, as usual. This character hasn't been used in gameplay yet, as I am the only SWRPG gamemaster in the area.


Kord Arnum was abandoned a few days after birth in the doorstep of the humble home of a empoverished old woman in the lower levels of Coruscant. The old woman, Hollika Rhan named him after his dead son, and raised him as her own. When Kord was 7, Hollika died, leaving the child alone.

Kord joined a gang of young kids of several species, with who he commited many minor crimes. As the years passed by, he discovered his natural abilities for fast talking, con, deception, and also for seducing members of the opossite sex. Although he wasn't a strong kid, the bigger and physically superios protected him from rival gang members, because when you had to negotiate, con or even write a love letter, Kord was the right kid for the job.

In these years, Kord made friends with Nat Neddel, a slicer, member of the gang. Nat was very good with computers and electronics, and with Kord they caused many disasters. Because Kord was the one who showed himself, while Nat stayed among his computers, in the shadows, he was the one who got caught the day something went wrong. He served only 3 days on a juv detentional facility, until he conned a guard into letting him out, promising a fortune. The guard was 34, Kord was 13.

Two years later, using counterfeit credit cards made by Nat and him, Kord gets fine clothing and other stuff, and books passage in a luxury liner, the Imponent. Being the begining of the Festival of the Stars, many wealthy people went out on pleasure trips.

In the ship he met the young Krysta Kern, 13 years old, daughter of the trillonaire media tycoon Lartos Kern. Kord claimed to be Darkan, heir to the the title of Baron of Trusken, saying that his father had died, and he (who whas at Coruscant completing his education) was going back to his planet to take his place. He also told her that once on his planet he could never get out again, because his culture's ways were very strict, and he would have to marry someone already chosen for him.

With this load of bullshit, and his natural charm, Kord mesmerized, and maybe even made the girl fall in love with him. After a few days, the girl begged Kord to take her, and he did so, maybe falling in love with her too, tough he won't admit it. The days went on, and Kord got access codes to the bank account of Krysta's father. With these, he transferred the 25% percent of the liquid money Kern had to the accounts of many benefic organizations. After doing this, Kord got off the ship on Rimbor, abandoning Krysta, who would cry for him for months. Even though she later found out that the Baron of Trusken is still alive and well, that he has no son called Darkan, and that his two sons were (at the moment) older than 30, she still misses him, whoever he is.

Kord never sought out Krysta again, because he thought her father would have his head for what he had done. What he didn't know is that, by mistake, a nice sum had been transferred to the account of the Imperial Ministery of Sports, who with the rest of the organizations who received "donations", considered Lartos Kern a highly generous collaborator.

Said Ministery, with the rest of the organizations decided to grant the exclusive holobroadcast of the anual Imperial Games to the sports network GSBN, owned by Lartos Kern. Kern is thankful to whoever did that, because what he lost, he has earned back increased by a hundred.

In Rimbor, using the name Darthos Lank, he conned the famous holovision presenter Berg Carula (a rebel spy), selling him the location of the Katana Fleet, information that was of course, fake. After this "transaction" on Rimbor, Kord sets off to explore the galaxy, doing the most diverse number of jobs and con jobs, some of them, the more important and stunning I'll tell you here.

After a few months of going around, he arrives at Gyindine, where with other con men he sells Imperial Governor Bin Essada, an obesse and gourmet-wannabe man, a shipment of, in Kord's own words, "a infinite variety of the most exquisite delicatesses of the Galaxy".

The following year, in Sevarcos, never showing himself, negotiating through computer comunications that distorted his voice, using the name Torolomin Kuzer, he bought (and never payed) a shipment of 100 tons of spice from Lady Trevael of the Northern Frontier, a shipment he would later lose in a game of sabacc.

After fleeing Sevarcos, Kord ends in Pantolomin, where, under the name Gorb Achoff, works at the famous submarine ship Coral Vanda, where some of the best casinos of the galaxy are. He works first as a waiter in one of the best restaurants of the ship, the Sea Krayt, and then in the WYW (Whatever You Want) Escort Service. When he signs his contract, he specifies that he will not work with male beings, or races that weren't at least vaguely human.

In his work as an "escort" Kord meets Lady Selinthia Garamound Korben, owner of the KICL (Korben Intergalactic Cruise Lines), owner of the Coral Vanda, and the Imponent, where Kord had travelled years ago. Lady Selinthia was a near human, a latrian, from Latria IV. The latrians are physically undistinguishable from humans, except for the fact that all of them are very beautiful. They also live aproximately 1000 years. Every 200 years, the female latrians go through a period called rishatra, during wich they have sex with they're partner for a week, without leting him rest, inyecting him drugs to keep him going. At the end of that week, the female kills the male during the last intercourse, and then eats him.

During the year and a half that Kord worked for WYW, Lady Selinthia's visits where more and more frequent, and her sexual desire and vitality where ever growing, and Kord was exhausted. Puzzled, Kord decides to investigate, discovering all about rishatra...and the fact that Lady Selinthia was about to turn 600! Despered, Kord tries to flee the Coral Vanda, but he discovers that all routes of escape have been subtly closed, evidently by Lady Selinthia.

Salvation arrives in the form of the famous smuggler Han Solo. In a game of sabacc, stakes begin to rise, until Solo, not paying atention to his wookiee companion's complaints, bets his ship, the Millenium Falcon. Kord wins the hand with a straight sabacc, of which nobody, fortunately, suspects. Solo is at the verge of desperation, and he's being yelled at by Chewbacca, until Kord says he'll give him the ship back if he gets him off the ship, and out of Pantolomin. The smuggler agrees, and "smuggles" Kord off planet.

Some time after escaping Pantolomin, Kord finds himself in Thyferra, helping the Ashern rebels. He tries to con Aerin Dlarit, one of the heads of the Xucphra corporation. Using the same trick he used in the Imponent years ago, Kord claims to be Darkan, heir to the title of Baron of Trusken, seduces Erisi, Dlarit's daughter, with whom he mantains a brief affaire. Unfortunately, Kord is found by security guards in Aerin Dlarit's private office, trying to access his computers. Kord was jailed, and sent to the Imperial prison in Despayre.

In Despayre he spends his time doing more or less what he did to survive in Coruscant's slums, as he was an excellent speaker, but physically weak (speaking of violence, but in bed he's a lion!). His "stay" in prison ends after a year, although it was supossed to be three years, but it's shortened due to an "administrative error". Said error wasn't an error, but help from Nat, who still lived in Coruscant, and had gotten word of what troubles Kord was in.

Months after, in Corellia, under the name Dink Tatol, he pulls a scam on a local bussinesman, Rontur Nemos, maker of holotapes. Kord finds out that at the same time, another con man, Lando Calrissian, is trying to pull the same scam. Kord pulls the scam, and makes it look like it was Calrissian who did it, and Lando barely escapes capture by CorSec.

The following year he tries luck in the show-biz, producing an album of controversial band Deeply Religious, under the name Renzo Lang. The album, "Emperor of Air and Darkness", was banned by the Empire.

A short time after, in Aikhibba, using the name of K'nido, Duke of Highway, he is a guest in Spadda the Hutt's palace. He seduces (or so he thinks) Lakina, Spadda's favorite dancer, and takes her to bed. What he didn't know was that Lakina was a H'nemthe, whose race's female gut the male with her sharp, long tongue after the act of sex. Kord breaks Lakina's neck, barely saving his own life. Again, he barely talks his way out of death, and Spadda let's him go...after severing his left hand. Kord, using the tip a contact gave him, travels to Cloud City, in Bespin, where the rogue medical droid EZ-21B puts a cyber replacement on his arm.

A couple of months later, Kord is involved in a bankin fraud in Argau that leads a company, the TNFC (Trokan Neuro Fiber Corporation), which provides for the Empire, to bankrupcy. This sets back the Death Star construction for a couple of months, though Kord didn't know anything about that.

Some other planets visited by Kord include Tatooine, Corulag, New Cov, Stassi, Alderaan, Nar Shadda, Chandrila, Sullust, Cilpar, Ryloth, Contruum, Kabal and Selonia.

A few months prior to the Battle of Yavin, Kord sells to a rebel spy the fake location of the Katana Fleet (AGAIN!), under the name of Durter Minator. In exchange, he gets the coordinates of a planet where there used to be a Jedi training center before the Clone Wars.


Character Name: The one and only, incomparable stud Kord Arnum, aka Darkan, Baron of Trusken or Darkan, heir to the tile of Baron of Trusken, Darthos Lank, Torolomin Kuzer, Gorb Achoff, Dink Tatol, Renzo Lang, K'nido, Duke of Highway, Durter Minator, Han Solo, Wedge Antilles, Luke Skywalker, etc. Sometimes the ladies call me "daddy you're a wild animal", and guys tell me "man, I want to be like you".

Player's Name: A good guy this dude MaGnUs.

Age: 26 young standard years.

Place of Birth: I think I was born on Coruscant...not really sure.

Who are your relatives, and how close to them are you?

Hollika Rhan Arnum (foster mother, deceased). I guess I could mention my biological parents, those jerks, wherever they are, whoever they are. I don't give a shit about them.

Physical Traits: Incredibly handsome, with a stunning body, framed in 1,80 meters, and 70 kilos. Blue eyes, like the Pantolomin seas, long hair, like the golden sands of Tatooine. Owner of a perfect smile, only comparable to the seapearls of Calamari. He wears the finest clothing, according to the latest fashions, and carries an expensive staff made from the rare wood of the massassi trees of Yavin IV (almost), with a corusca gem on the top end, that despite what the envious may say it's not fake...well...maybe a little bit.

Mental Traits: Intelligent, smart and very brilliant. Editor's note: under his flashy and exhibicionist (not that kind of exhibicionism, you pervs!) personality, there's a sensitive side to Kord, that would like to meet his parents, find the right woman (if he only knew he already found her...and left her), etc. Loveable subject of this file's note: All that's is a big, cheap lie.

Social Traits: Fast talker, stud, hottie, bussiness man, the soul of any party, I don't want to commit the sin of lack of modesty, in two words: Kord Arnum! Editor's note> He's James Bond, George Clooney in Out of Sight, Mel Gibson in Payback, Martin Lawrence in Blue Streak, Han Solo, Lando, Gambit, to sum up, take all the fast talkers, con men, seducer dudes from all movies, books and TV shows and roll em into one. Stunning subject of this document's note: I'm way better than all those lousy clowns!

When did you realize you were "different"? (Force Sensitive, do not answer if you're not)

I'm not different. I'm unique.

Who was your teacher and how did you meet him? (do not answer if you don't have training in the Force)

I am my own teacher.

How would you describe your lifestyle? Is it "normal"?

Of course it isn't, it's not considered normal, because I am unique.

What are your goals?

Con the Emperor out of the galaxy. Helping all those poor people that haven't yet reveled on the light of the one and only Kord Arnum, specially the beautiful ladies. Editor's note: he tries to help all the creatures repressed by the Empire. Heroic subject of this essay's note: psst, small stuff.

Have you got enemies? Who? Why?

Some, those poor people, lacking joy in their hearts. What horrible thing could have happened to them in life to hate Kord Arnum, the brightest star in the galaxy. Oh, but you want names and reasons, ok, I'll give you the names, you find out the reasons. The guard of the juv hall on Coruscant, Lartos Kern (his daughter is a hottie!), Berg Carula (dum-de-dum Saaaaageeee Suuuuupernooooova!), Bin Essada (dumb fatty), Lady Trevael, Lady Selinthia Garamound Korben (I bet she's still horny and mad), all the Xucphrra corp from Thyferra, specially Aerin and Erisi Dlarit (another hottie!), Rontur Nemos (poor asshole!), Spadda the Hutt (slimy bastard!), and I doubt any TNFC former shareholder would have any love for me.

What conflicts or complications could arise during gameplay due to your past?

Any of those poor souls could decide to get to close for comfort.

What's your educational level? Do you hold any title? Where did you study?

Education? education? My dear friend, when it comes to bussines I'm a galactic authority.

Do you have any criminal records? Why? Are you still wanted?

Yes, but I won't turn myself in. As for why, find it out yourself. Do I look like a infodroid? Hmm...that's a nice watch, I'll trade you for a bit of info and this beautiful corusca gem...nooo, it's not fake! You have offended me, I won't trade with you.

Where do you live?

In the heart of many.

What drives you?

My genius and my beauty.

Have you got any contacts? Who?

Nat Neddel, Coruscant slicer, EZ-21B, medical droid in Cloud City, Rodger Dloros, bartender of The Black Sewer in Rimbor, Leroy Markus, funk master, Levad Thur, swoop and speeder mechanic in Stassia City, Stassi. Bolt Floster, ilegal swoop racer, Dolmen Nadur, ithorian owner of the Sea Krayt in the Coral Vanda, Numiden Lorpen, twi'lek owner of the WYW Escort Service, also in the Coral Banda, Tkrunt Kootennador, Ashern rebel from Thyferra, Bonder Kahn, Yar Monti, Lar Gand and Ayla Ranzz, the four members of Deeply Religious.

Does anyone depend on you?

Anyone? You offend me yet again, all the galaxy depends on me!

Are you, or have you been romantically linked to someone? Who? Where is he/she now? What's the status of the relationship?

Well, of course I have had relationships with females of a long list of species, humans (from Coruscant, Alderaan, Corellia, Tatooine, Rimbor, Thyferra, Chandrila, a really long linst), latrians (never again!), selonians, chevs, damaronians, falleen (they're really slutty!), H'nemthe (never again!), Horansi (Gorvan, Kasa, Mashi and Treka, the four varieties), lafrarians, nalroni, rodians, ropagus, seikoshans, tinell, twi'leks (white, grey, red and blue), vultans, and I can go on, but you asked me about relationships of more than one night. Let's see, Krysta Kern, haven't seen her in 10 years, I bet my "father in law" wants to kill me, Lady Selinthia Garamound Korben, I don't even want to see her in holos, in Corellia I lived with Pria Knod, in Thyferra I dated Erisi Dlarit, though I didn't feel a thing for her, and when I was a kid, among all the hearts I broke in Coruscant I recall Yulia Minbar. I also dated Ayla Ranzz, Deeply Religious' singer.

Have you got any hobbies?

Conning assholes, seducing ladies.

What prizes or honors have you received?

Far less than what I deserve! The only one I can mention now is the Coral Stud of WYWES on the Coral Vanda. Someday the galaxy will recognize what it owes me, and they'll give me what I deserve!

Name: Kord Arnum.

Known Aliases: Darkan, Baron of Trusken, or Darkan heir to the title of Baron of Trusken, Darthos Lank, Torolomin Kuzer, Gorb Achoff, Dink Tatol, Renzo Lang, K'nido, Duke of Highway, Durter Minator, Han Solo, Wedge Antilles, Luke Skywalker.

Place Of Birth: Unknown, presumably Coruscant.

Date Of Birth: Unknown, circa 2/7/-26.

7/3/-9 to 10/3/-9-Serves time in the Juvenile Reformatory Center "Tarkin's Model Youth", until he escapes, murdering three guards.

35/9/-11-Travels aboard the luxury starliner of the KICL, The Imponent, where after being rejected by the daughter of trillonaire bussinesman Lartos Kern, steals a smallish part of the man's fortune.

20/10/-11-It is reported the theft of the famous HoloVision presenter Berg Carula, with Arnum implicated.

3/2/-10-In Gyndine, he insults the honor of Imperial Governor Bin Essada.

15/7-9-In Sevarcos, he buys from Lady Trevael of the Northern Frontier a shipment of 500 tons of spice that was later comercializated all over the Core.

10/1/-8 al 5/5/-8-Operates a casino in the Coral Vanda, in Pantolomin.

6/5/-8 al 22/10/-7-Along with his casino, he runs aboard the Coral Vanda a prostitution and drugs services.

4/8/-6-Attempts to rape Erisi Dlarit, attempts to murder Aerin Dlarit, in the family estate in the outskirts of Xucphra City in Thyferra.

10/8/-6 to 10/8/-5-Serves time in the Prison Planet Despayre, until his acomplices blow up an entire wing to rescue him.

33/1/-1-Takes part in the bankrupcy of TNFC, in the banking planet Aargau, affecting the construction of several computers for educational centers along the Empire.

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