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Khaat Qiyn (Human Jedi Knight)

Khaat Qiyn (Human Jedi Knight)

Craft: New Republic Behemoth Walker
Type: Roche Hive Behemoth Medium Assault Walker
Scale: Walker
Length: 9.8 Meters Tall
Skill: Walker Operation; Behemoth
Crew: 2 + 1 Gunner; Skeleton 1/+10
Passengers: 10 (Troops)
Cargo Capacity: 1 Ton
Cover: Full
Maneuverability: 1D+2
Move: 25, 75 kmh
Body Strength: 4D+2
         Twin Heavy Blaster Cannon (Firelinked)
                 Fire Arc: Front
                 Scale: Walker
                 Skill: Vehicle Blasters
                 Fire Control: 3D
                 Range: 50-300/500/1km
                 Damage: 5D
         Concussion Grenade Launchers
                 Fire Arc: Front
                 Scale: Walker
                 Skill: Missile Weapons: Grenade Launcher
                 Fire Control: 2D
                 Range: 10-50/100/200
                 Damage: 3D

Description: Although the Behemoth is classified as a Medium Walker it isn't much lighter than Heavy Walkers such as the AT-AT, it was designed for the Republic by the Verpine of the Roche Hive, and constructed from commonly available parts and resources to enable the New Republic to be able to manufacture as many as possible for as low a cost as possible. Although the interior is cramped, it still contains enough room for 10 fully armed and armoured troops, although it must stop and squat for these troops to be deployed. The head section of the walker can rotate through 360 degrees allowing this vehicle an unequalled field of fire with its heavy blaster cannons, and the tripod arrangement of legs makes it a more stable firing platform than Imperial Walkers, which accounts for its fantastic fire control systems. The heavy armour plating of the Behemoth makes it heavy for its size, which in turn makes it somewhat difficult for the New Republic to find transport vessels which can carry it, however this disadvantage is insignificant against the advantage the Behemoth gives the New Republic in being able to fight Imperial AT-AT walkers on an equal footing for the first time.

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Text completely by FreddyB. Image is by "Bob the Dinosaur", copyright resides with him.
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