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Name: Corporate Alliance Tank Droid
Type: Corporate Alliance Persuader-Type Droid Enforcer
Scale: Walker
Length: 12 Meters long, 6 Meters Tall
Skill: Ground Vehicle: 5D, Vehicle Blasters 5D
Cargo Capacity: 20kg
Maneuverability: 1D
Move: 45, 130 kmh
Body Strength: 4D
         4 * Heavy Laser Cannons (Can Fire Independently, or act as FireLinked)
                 Scale: Walker
                 Fire Arc: Front
                 Fire Rate: 1
                 Skill: Vehicle Blasters
                 Fire Control: 3D
                 Range: 15-50/100/250m
                 Damage: 4D

Description: The Tank Droid is a war vehicle constructed by the Corporate Alliance to combat the Army of the Republic. The standard version of the Corporate Alliance Tank Droid was the Persuader- Type Droid Enforcer. It was one of the many contributions of the Corporate Alliance to the droid armies of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The Corporate Alliance used this deadly Droid Enforcer to punish local populations on Outer Rim worlds that opposed the Alliance or complained about unfair business. The tankdroid was a 6 metre tall automaton with a huge central wheel supported by 4 small outrigger wheels. It could also roll on its single traction drive thread. The tank droid was also equipped with 4 arm-mounted blaster cannons. The droid's front featured several sensors above its two photoreceptor eyes. During the Clone Wars, the tank droid was dispatched across the galaxy to defend Confederacy bases. They could also be used to accompany vehicles such as the Homing spider droid and the Hailfire droid. During a battle the tank droid could also crush to death any unfortunate enemy soldier that got into its path with its huge central wheel (8D character scale damage). Of all the Confederacy war vehicles, the Tank Droid was feared most by civilians and soldiers alike because of their destructive power and relentless nature. They would crush even unarmed civilians without any mercy and would fire their weapons with wild abandon. To make it even worse, the Corporate Alliance began equipping them with voice modulators to make these automatons even more frightening towards the end of the Clone Wars.

Page designed in Notepad, logo`s done on Personal Paint on the Amiga.
Descriptive Text from Wikipedia. Stats by FreddyB. Image is by LucasFilm, copyright resides with them.
Any complaints, writs for copyright abuse, etc should be addressed to the Webmaster FreddyB.

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