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Name: Raak
Type: Territorial Grazing Animal

Dexterity: 3D
Perception: 2D
Strength: 6D

Special Abilities
         Tusks: Str+2D damage
         Claws: Str+1D damage

Move: 12
Size: 3m tall, 3m long

Description: The Raak is a grazing animal common to a number of temperate worlds throughout the outer rim, however instead of being a docile animal, it is often as dangerous and deadly as any predatory animal. The Raak lives in family units of up to 5 individuals, consisting of a mated pair and their young, who will leave to form their own family group when they find a mate. The Raak graze on grasslands, but due to their size they can also feed on the leaves of many trees, but tightly packed forests are difficult for a creature of this size to negociate. Raak's may become migratory dependant on the weather conditions of the world they are on, but usually remain in the same territory throughout their adult lives, defending these territories from predators and other creatures who could harm their young during their vulnerable first decade. Raak live for about 100 years, become noticably slower but stronger as they age (1 pip from dex added to strength for every 20 years that the Raak lives), and are sometimes hunted for food since their meat is a strong flavoured delicacy on many worlds.

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