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Name: Rebel Blaster Carbine
Model: BlasTech CL-12 Blaster Carbine
Scale: Character
Skill: Blaster; Blaster Carbine
Ammo: 80
Cost: 650; (power packs 20)
Availability: 2, F, R or X
Range: 3-20/45/225
Damage: 5D

Description: The BlasTech CL-12 Blaster Carbine was designed to be a cheap weapon for mass production and sales to low technology planets, it was designed to be easy to manufacture and maintain, making it perfect for BlasTech to set up manufacturing facilities on backwater worlds and sell them in bulk to emerging cultures. This however was of dubious legality even during the corrupt years of the end of the Old Republic, meaning that the weapon was never built in any great numbers or achieved any great success in the market place. However when the Rebellion against the Empire was formed they stole the design which was perfect for their quickly set up manufacturing plants, and for distribution to Rebel factions and freedom fighters across the galaxy with little or no training in blaster operation and repair. Although this meant that BlasTech themselves made no profit on the design, they did however manage to gain some monetary compensation from the New Republic for its continued use of the pirated design. CL-12's are inferior weapons to the Blaster Rifles used by Imperial forces, with a shorter range and smaller energy capacity, but can still be deadly, and the massive numbers they were constructed in helped the Rebellions defeat of the Empire by no small amount.

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