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CR978 (Human Tie Fighter Pilot)

Name: Observation Frigate
Type: TransGalMeg Observation Class Sensor Frigate
Scale: Capital
Length: 198 Meters
Skill: Capital Ship Piloting: Observation Frigate
Crew: 380 ;skeleton 90/+15
Passengers/Troops: 50
Crew Skill: Capital Ship Piloting 5D+1, Capital Ship Sensors 6D, Capital Ship Shields 4D+1, Starship Gunnery 4D
Consumables: 6 Months
Cargo Capacity: 200 Tons
Hyperdrive Multiplier: X2
Hyperdrive Backup: NA
Nav Computer: Yes
Space: 4
Maneuverability: 0D+2
Hull: 4D
Shields: 1D
         Passive: 100/2D
         Scan: 250/4D
         Search: 500/6D
         Focus: 8/8D

Fighters: 12
Shuttles: 2

         10 Laser Cannon Turrets
                 Scale: Starfighter
                 Fire Arc: Turret
                 Fire Control: 1D
                 Space: 1-3/15/25
                 Atmosphere Range: 2-6/30/50km
                 Damage: 3D

Description: The Observation Class Frigate is designed to extend the sensor saturation of a fleet, and can often be found working in concert with Interdictor Cruisers to stop and check traffic passing through a hyperspace waypoint. They have extremely powerful sensors, but also carry 24 Sensor Drones which have sensor systems of Passive: 50/1D, Scan: 125/2D, Search: 250/3D, Focus: 4/4D, and a space speed of 2. These drones can be deployed to saturate an area with mulitple sensor scans, allowing even cloaked vessels to be in danger of detection. Observation Class Frigates carry minimal defences all of which is centered around stopping Starfighters, but do carry a small amount of starfighters to operate as a defensive screen in case of attack. These frigates are rare especially as capital ship sensors improve rendering them outdated, however none of these vessels have been decomissioned as they are still extremely useful vessels.

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