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Name: The Star Forge
Craft: Rakatan Infinite Empire "Star Forge"
Type: Unique Solar Orbital Battle and Construction Platform
Scale: Death Star
Length: 65km tall
Crew: 250,000 Droids
Passengers/Troops: 750,000
Cargo Capacity: 2,500,000 Tons
Consumables: Eternal
Nav Computer: Yes
Hull: 10D
Shields: 2D
         Passive: 125/2D
         Scan: 500/4D
         Search: 2500/6D
         Focus: 10/8D

         2500 Anti-Starfighter Laser Batteries
                 Scale: StarFighter
                 Fire Arc: 625 Front, 625 Left, 625 Right, 625 Back
                 Fire Control: 1D
                 Space: 1-3/10/20
                 Damage: 4D
         5000 Anti-Capital Ship TurboLaser Batteries
                 Scale: Capital
                 Fire Arc: 1250 Front, 1250 Left, 1250 Right, 1250 Back
                 Fire Control: 2D
                 Space: 2-10/20/50
                 Damage: 4D
         60 Tractor Beam Projectors
                 Scale: Capital
                 Fire Arc: 15 Front, 15 Left, 15 Right, 15 Back
                 Fire Control: 3D
                 Space: 1-8/16/48
                 Damage: 6D

Description: A galaxy as ancient as ours is filled with inexplicable wonders and secrets lost to the ages. Long before the Galactic Republic held together the scattered worlds of the galaxy, the Rakatan Empire held many systems in thrall. The Rakata were incredibly advanced, but their warlike and aggressive spirit was their undoing. Their crowning achievent was the Star Forge, the ultimate war machine.

        The Star Forge was an enormous space-station/factory that harnessed the power of an entire star. Within its hull was a vast, intricate network of automated machines designed to mass- produce weaponry, droids, and starships. However, it was more than merely a metal construct. Its shadowed cavities were infused with the dark side of Force, endowing it with evil, breathing life.

        The Rakata home world orbited the sun to which the Star Forge was linked. On this planet the Rakata built a temple that housed a generator for a defensive field around the Star Forge. The field disrupted any electronic equipment that approached the Star Forge, causing ships to be caught in the gravitational field of the Rakatan planet. The Unknown World, as it was called, was littered with the wreckage of thousands of years of ships unlucky enough to stumble upon the Star Forge.

        During the ancient wars between the Sith and the Republic, the Sith Lords Darth Revan and Darth Malak followed ancient clues to locate the Star Forge, and tricked the remaining Rakatans to take control of the station. Malak wielded the Forge to produce an unending supply of Sith fighters and other combat material. He used captive Jedi to help fuel his power within the heart of the Star Forge.

        The Republic used a captive Revan to piece together clues as to the Star Forge's location, and eventually discovered the Unknown World. Republic forces attacked en masse, and despite devastating losses, were able to defeat Malak and the Star Forge.

Page designed in Notepad, logo`s done on Personal Paint on the Amiga.
Stats by FreddyB. Descriptive Text and Image is from Knights of the Old Republic copyright resides with LucasArts/BioWare.
Any complaints, writs for copyright abuse, etc should be addressed to the Webmaster FreddyB.

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