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Yellow Ace
Narn Regime Heavy Cruiser

Narn Regime Heavy Cruiser
Akurian (Snow Demons)

Akurian (Snow Demons)
Shoan Kilian (Republic Admiral)

Shoan Kilian (Republic Admiral)

Name: Tie Air Cruiser
Type: Sienar Fleet Systems TIE Air Cruiser Assault Platform
Scale: Starfighter
Length: 22.3 Meters
Skill: Starfighter Piloting; Tie Air Cruiser
Crew: 2 + 2 Gunners
Crew Skill: Starfighter Piloting 5D, Starship Gunnery 5D+2, Starship Shields 3D
Consumables: 2 Weeks
Cost: 500,000 (new)
Cargo Capacity: 150 kilos
Hyperdrive Multiplier: x1
Hyperdrive Backup: N/A
Nav Computer: Limited to 6 Jumps
Space: 5
Atmosphere: 250; 750kmh
Maneuverability: 1D
Hull: 5D
Shields: 4D
         Passive: 25/1D
         Scan: 40/2D
         Search: 60/3D
         Focus: 4/3D+2
         Turbolaser Cannon
                 Fire Arc: Front
                 Scale: Capital
                 Fire Control: 4D
                 Fire Rate: 1/3
                 Space: 1-3/12/25
                 Atmosphere Range: 100-300/1.2/2.5km
                 Damage: 6D
         Proton Bomb Launchers (30 Bomb Magazine)
                 Fire Arc: Front
                 Scale: Starfighter
                 Fire Control: 3D
                 Space: 3/9/21
                 Atmosphere Range: 200-300/900/2.1km
                 Damage: 9D

Description: Although sharing some components with the TIE series of fighters, the Tie Air Cruiser is a totally different design, designed to control the skies above planets and provide TIE Bomber Squadrons with Anti Capital ship support. The Air Cruiser is basically a heavily armoured Aerial vehicle with extremely powerful weapons mounted on it, the Turbolaser cannon is capable of large amounts of damage although has a slow recharge rate, being mainly used to smash enemy installations or to destroy entire columns of enemy troops, but is equally good at disabling enemy starships and destroying transports. The Proton Bomb Launcher is similar to that on TIE Bombers, and is a long ranged weapon capable of heavy damage to opponents, and is used as a backup weapon capable of firing more often than the Turbolaser. Air Cruisers obviously need protected due to their erratic fire rate and ammunition capacity, but used properly can swing the scales on the battlefield, however due to their expence the Empire has fielded only very few of these vessels, much prefering to use cheaper more disposable equipment and vehicles.

Page designed in Notepad, logo`s done on Personal Paint on the Amiga.
Text completely by FreddyB. Image is by "Bob the Dinosaur", copyright resides with LucasArts.
Any complaints, writs for copyright abuse, etc should be addressed to the Webmaster FreddyB.

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