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Star Wars D/6 Non-Player Character Generator Version 1.1

by Benjamin Lamberth

This is a downloadable Windows utility program, which can automatically generate Non-Player Characters for the Star Wars D/6 Role Playing Game. The program is intuitive to use and doesn't really need any instructions. It doesn't require installing, being a single program which can be run by simply double-clicking.

It has been rigorously virus checked by us, but we of course advise you to thoroughly check it with whatever virus scanning software you use before executing the code on your system. Neither or Benjamin Lamberth offer any guarantee of reliability or stability (in other words, while we're all nice guys, and the program is an excellent utility, we have no wish to be sued if it conflicts with other software you are running and wipes your hard-drive.)

Click Here to Download

Any complaints, writs for copyright abuse, etc should be addressed to the Webmaster FreddyB.

Comments made about this Article!

02/Apr/2011 21:33:08 Posted by Jdl91290 {}

any chance it will run on mac?

06/Apr/2011 15:45:29 Posted by Freddy {}

Dunno, don't have a Mac, don't use a Mac, so no idea.
Doesn't run on an Amiga, on Linux (without messing around with WINE), on BeOS, or on Android, and I'm afraid those are the only operating systems I've got access to try it on.

17/Nov/2011 17:16:13 Posted by bluelazy {}

i dotn know if this wil lbrake my pc D:

16/Dec/2011 15:00:01 Posted by Anonymous {}

I don't either, sometimes you've got to have faith (and a darn good virus scanner).


16/Jun/2012 18:58:04 Posted by Khentar {}

Really helpfull, maybe if possible, add the possibility to change the skills used.

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