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Frequently Asked Questions

        Occasionally here at, we receive e-mails asking questions and making comments. So to help those who feel they might be getting in touch with us, I`ve decided to answer some of these questions here, and reply to some of the most heard questions. This section will extend as time, and will permits.

Hey, aren`t most of the images on your site ripped off ?

        Yep. I admit it, they are. But hey, I`m not an artist so couldn`t hope ever to do any artwork to the quality that I`ve ripped off. I make no attempt to hide this fact, and no attempt to claim copyright, ownership or make money from other people work. And repeat my offer on other parts of the site to remove any artwork upon request by the copyright owner. And even though I could make a futile attempt to keep using them by citing the "Fair Use Doctrine" (US Copyright Act of 1976, Section 110 [5]), which allows me to use 10% of a product (book, film, website, etc) before it actually becomes copyright violation, I wouldn`t, I`d just remove the image. So credit where credit is due, since the artists I`m ripping off are all really skilled, and I make no attempt to claim credit for their fantastic work.

I'm not totally convinced about the validity of some of the stuff on your site, it just does quite match what I've heard is official! (also phrased as, "Isn't such and such actually from ????????" or "Such and such isn't right")

        Well, what can I say except, this is a fan site I make no claims to be accurate or correct. Everything on this site is created for my game, although obviously it isn't all used, so is only as accurate as my imagination. Some things on the site are attempt to be correct, since I didn't have official stats for the TIE Defender for example (or at least not uber powerful ones off the web), so I created them taking details from However I do offer all of my creations up for use on the web, making a powerful resource for those who need stuff for the Star Wars roleplaying game.

        However if you do spot something which is genuinely wrong then feel free to let me know, but please don't be like the guy who mailed me "It is not Korras, it's Korriban. Sweet heaven the least you can do it research the planet." Well, errr, the least you can do is read the background, the Sith in my campaign fled to Korras after Naga Sadow's attempted take over of the Republic. They fled fearing a Jedi attack while they were weakened after Sadow caused a civil war. And anyway the HOMEWORLD of the Sith Empire was Ziost, Korriban was simply the graveyard they buried the dead Dark Lords of the Sith on. Many people who don't actually do any research often make this mistake, perhaps they should actually read up on the subject before basing their criticism on erroneous information.

your sh*t, your site is sh*t ! (quoted from an actual e-mail recieved).

        Yeah, sure, whatever, whereas you are obviously a paragon of skill and virtue :-P, but anyway, thanks for your valuable input, now, move along, move along.

Can you make stats for stuff from ????????? ?

        Yep, no problem, it would help if you could point me towards a web site which I can find out about it ! But as long as I`ve got some basic information then I`m pretty skilled with Google, and as long as the subject seems relevant then I`ll do it. So if you`ve got any ideas, let me know, and I`ll do my best.

Hey, you don`t update this FAQ as often as you said you might !

        No shit !, sorry but my "Real Life" (tm) interferes with me running this site, and although I try to do an update everyday, it may not be much of an update everyday.

Would you be interested in my work to put on your site ?

        Hell yes, any help gratefully recieved. I don`t guarantee to use everything, or be the most responsive partner, but any related stuff (or even if you`d like to start up stats for your own stuff (eg a different game) will be considered. So mail me, and we`ll talk.

Hey you sensored the swearing from the question above, then went on to swear yourself in an answer !

        Yeah, well, errrm, whoops !

        Seriously, My Opinions on sensoring swearing so as to not corrupt the kiddies varies from day to day. Sometimes I feel that should be child-friendly, allowing visitors of all ages to take advantage of the site, other times I just say "fuck it", let the kiddies parents protect them from swearing, its not my job.

Your site doesn't work properly on my system, but I'm not going to tell you any specific problems, just demand that you fix the problem which none of the other visitors to the site have either never encountered, or never felt the need to mention.

        Okay, sorry to see you go, but theres an old theory in web design (well not that old, but old in web design terms) that 5% of the visitors to a site require 95% of the work to keep happy. These theoretical 5% use variant browsers, screen depths and systems, then expect that you put in the work to fix the problems which their choice of browsing equipment is to blame for. Well, I empathise with that 5%, since I'm one of them, I prefer to use the browser Opera for the majority of my browsing. However, I don't feel the need to bug the crap out of sites designers when something doesn't work properly in MY CHOICE of browser. Since if I'm that desperate to see a site I'll load up Internet Explorer and copy the URL across. This applies to in that its a fan run site, with the majority of its upkeep done by one person (myself), and the 95% of time I'm saving goes into designing stats and content for the site, which I think is far more preferable. has been tested on a variety of systems and configurations, Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 and XP, Linux, Solaris, BeOS, QNX, MacOS 9, MacOS X and the Amiga. Internet Explorer's 4, 5 and 6, Opera's 5 and 6, Conqueror, AOL Browser, Mozilla, Netscape and AWeb. In all of these the only problem found was that the menu sidebar is too long to be seen in 640 x 480 resolution, and is configured to not show a scroll bar. However this can be got around, by clicking on the sidebar (away from the text itself) and dragging down, this scrolls the text down allowing you to select the options further down the list. Alternatively, the frame positions are not locked into place, so you could grab the bottom of the frame with the logo in it and drag it upwards giving more room to the lower frames, allowing the viewing of the full menu in 640 x 480.

        But lets be completely honest here, if your system can't show higher resolutions than 640 x 480 then its really getting long in the tooth and requires replacing. Graphics cards which display higher than this can be bought for about a fiver, and will truly revolutionise your browsing experience. And to be honest once more, if your computer can't display web pages as well as a Commodore Amiga built in 1992 with its 2 Mb of ram, and its 14Mhz processor, then theres not much hope for it at all. (A Pentium 100, with a 2Mb Graphics card will show 800x600 in 16 million colours without too much of a struggle, or 1024x768 in 65 thousand colours with a little of a struggle).

Page designed in Notepad, logo`s done on Personal Paint on the Amiga.
Text completely by FreddyB.
Images stolen from various web pages I`ve now forgotten where (Copyright resides with the artist).
Any complaints, writs for copyright abuse, etc should be addressed to the Webmaster FreddyB.