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The Blue Diver  ( Mon Calamari heavy carrier)

The Blue Diver ( Mon Calamari heavy carrier)

Thargoid Invasion Ship

Thargoid Invasion Ship
Sontaran flagship

Sontaran flagship

December/2009 UPDATES

28/December/2009 Posted by HellStormer1

  Thanks for the holiday cheers, Freddy!  Everyone, Merry christmas and Happy New Years!  I've just posted the ZAFT ZGMF X-10A Freedom Gundam (Three Ships Alliance) under MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM SEED in Starships D6.  It was something I had in my notes and had been meaning to post.  Hope people enjoy it!  Also, between it and the Justice Gundam I made some changes to the Justice as per changes to how i was doing the rules for the mobile suits.

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25/December/2009 Posted by Freddy

        Merry Christmas everybody, I should be around over the next week and I'll try to get some updates done if at all possible. But wanted to pass on my christmas greetings to all our visitors, and especially to everybody who has helped out on the site.

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21/December/2009 Posted by HellStormer1

   Hello, everyone!  Hellstormer1 here.  I realized I have not added more to the Andromeda section in Starships D6.  So, I sat down while i had some time, to give a few more entries to that series.  Currently, it now has Glorious Heritage Class Heavy Cruiser, Eureka Maru, and Pax Magellanic.  I'll be adding some more when i get the chance, and Andromeda has a lot to offer any sci-fi fan!


   Oh and later tonight, I've also added Siege Perilous Class Atmospheric Attack Carrier, too!

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10/December/2009 Posted by Freddy

        Well, it's been too long since I did an update, and most updates lately have been crossovers from other universes. So I went searching through my saved images for actual "Star Wars" art, renders and kitbashes I've not used before and put a bunch to one side.
        I'd intended to do more than this lot, but I've been overwhelmed with actual real "work", so I decided to upload these 8, and if I get around to doing the others I'd put aside for doing (for tuesday originally, and now it's already thursday) I'll upload them then.
        Anyway, today I've added Trade Federation F Series Battle Droid, Commerce Guild Heavy Assault Droid, to the Star Wars D/6 Equipment Section of the Site, and Kuat Drive Yards Modified Strike-class Medium Cruiser, Incom/Subpro V Series Aggressive ReConnaissance-180 Starfighter, Slayn and Korpil V-170 Starfighter, Kuat Systems Engineering Delta-Eta Hybrid Starfighter, Corellian Eta-2 Actis Variant, Incom/Subpro Aggressive ReConnaissance-119 Starfighter to the Star Wars D/6 Starships Section of the Site.

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