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January/2011 UPDATES

18/January/2011 Posted by Freddy

        Happy New Year, first post of 2011, a bit late, but as always I've got lots of excuses (some of them involving hospitals), but to hell with all that and on with what you're here looking for, new stats.
        Well first off, two by Foebane for the Buffy RPG, Bobby Singer and John Winchester both from Supernatural.
        Also more contributions from Jason Dickerson, all to his usual wonderful standards, Azlyn Rae (Human Imperial Knight), Treis Sinde (Human Imperial Knight), Ganner Krieg (Human Imperial Knight), Sigel Dare (Human Imperial Knight) and Antares Draco (Human Imperial Knight), all added to the Star Wars D/6 Characters section of the site {and they remind me, must catch up with my Legacy era reading, I'm one compilation of the comics behind}.
        And lastly, and very much not least Knowledge Companion by Dashar, a rules enhancement for Star Wars D/6 extending the advanced skills to cover every knowledge skill in D/6, a fantastic work (and I'm not only saying that as he's the current GM in our group :)).

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