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A-LT Utility Droid

A-LT Utility Droid

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Goauld Teltak

Hornet View Update

08/July/2018 Posted by Freddy

Creating a More Immersive Gaming Experience

        Recently the group I game with, and have been gaming with for the past 25+ years, regained a member. He'd dropped away from the group when he'd got married and had kids, but has more time available now.
        This has been an amazing positive experience for the group, we gained another gamesmaster, one who'd been away studying what people online were talking about and coming up with ideas he was desperate to try. He knew us and our play style, but managed to shake things up massively. He's got us excited about gaming again, forcing us to play games we wouldn't normally consider, he's brought in interactive gaming screens, dragged us screaming into the 21st century by using online tools, and a bunch of other things. He's made the other GamesMasters in the group have to take a serious look at the way they GM, using music to signify when game time starts and chat time ends.
        Anyway, Annie Bulloch over at Enworld has written a great article on the subject. read more here.


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