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11/March/2019 Posted by Freddy

Retro RPG: De Profundis

        De Profundis is a role-playing game by Polish designer Michal Oracz. Players create the game's narrative by writing each other letters in the style of horror author H. P. Lovecraft. The game has practically no game mechanics. Rather, it emphasizes character and atmosphere, and attempts to blur the line between play and real life. There is also an option for solo play.
        The game has almost no game mechanics. There is no wargame apparatus, no die rolls, no statistics, no gamemaster. The game is like freeform role-playing games in that its rules are minimal, but differs from them in that players provide their own character details, there are no referees, and players interact via mail rather than face-to-face. If freeform RPGs are like improvisational theatre, De Profundis is like an improvisational epistolary novel.
        The use of correspondence does not necessarily mean the game is play by mail. The Diana Jones Award committee has said the game instead reinvents the roleplaying form.

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