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Imperium of Man Dreadnaught

Imperium of Man Dreadnaught

Shivan Aeshma Class Fighter

Shivan Aeshma Class Fighter

Loth-cat View Update

06/June/2019 Posted by Freddy

        Okay, yesterdays review of Marvel Star Wars Issue 82: Diplomacy has proven fruitless for stats as the issue only really included characters and places that had already been covered.

        So, today instead I've added the Hammerhead II-class heavy cruiser to the Star Wars D/6 Starships Section, and the Morgukai Warrior to the Star Wars D/6 Characters Section of the Site. Both requests by Vaughn Everlast, for his campaign he's starting up, to which I offer him every luck.

        The Morgukai Warrior is based on a conversion from D20 by Xain Arke on Rancor Pit, however they were built on a conversion of the Nikto species from D20 as well. So I reworked it using the D6 stats for that species from Galaxy Guide 12: Aliens--Enemies and Allies to come up with what I've added today.
        The Hammerhead II is a fanon ship, and I found two different sets of stats for them, one 750m long, and the other 450m. Given the Hammerhead Classitself is shorter than that depending on whether you're talking about the Sphyrna class at 315m, or the older Hammerhead Class at 160m, I went with the smaller, but far more heavily armed version at 450m.


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