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Spacewolf Fighter Mk. III

Spacewolf Fighter Mk. III
Colonel Toejam Jackson (Human Imperial Officer)

Colonel Toejam Jackson (Human Imperial Officer)
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Death Watch blaster carbine


26 July 2002

        Grrr, my people who handle my domain have been moving offices which has mean`t that has been offline. Oh well nowt I can do about it, except keep checking and make sure it comes back on soon.

20 July 2002

        Yahoo has added the Site to their search engine, this has increased the number of visitors vastly. Strangely enough some visitors seem to be doing searches for "rpggamer" for which this site is the only result, I find it odd that the site is attracting direct searches (unless I actually am attracting repeat visitors). I`m also starting to think that this news page is surplus to requirements as its job can be easily done by the updates page (odd I thought them different enough when I was building the site, but can`t think of different material for both). Due to work some of the updates planned have had to be put off for a short while, but new sections will be appearing shortly, along with continued material for the sections already in existance.

11 July 2002

        The forum seems to have been down for the last couple of hours tonight (so far), and the guestbook before that, if this keeps up, I`ll definitely be looking elsewhere for their provision. Although really I shouldn`t be looking to outside provision for them anyway !?!

10 July 2002

        I`ve had a report that the Guestbook and Forum aren`t working, if you find that they aren`t working please report this to me, so I can arrange alternative arrangements should this be a widespread problem.

10 July 2002

        Well the site is online, with the new look and the new domain name, although not moved to its own space yet. Now I can get on with the work of providing content for the site, rather than just designing and formatting stuff for it.

10 July 2002

        If anyone feels like converting the Star Wars D/6 stuff on this site to D/20 I`ll be more than happy to put the conversions up on here. In fact anyone wanting their stuff put onto the web, is more than welcome to mail me, and talk about it being put onto the site.

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