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Model: Zintech Industries BD droid
  Missile Weapons: Mortar cannon 5D
KNOWLEDGE: 1D        
Equipped With:
- Wide cylinder body with two arms
- Two visual and two audial sensors - human range
- Reinforced chasis (+1D to resist physical damage)
- Mortar cannon to launch beer cans up to 50 feet away. Beer cans are
   stored in torso of droid. Causes 2D damage if target doesn't make a Moderate Dexterity
   roll to catch it.

Move: 7 (Repulsorlifts)

Many droid designs have been rejected throughout the history of automaton manufacturing, because
they are impractical, too expensive, or simply no one likes them. The Refresh-O-Bot was a whole
different story. It was created during the Old Republic period for dispensing drinks at sporting
events. It hovered up and down the aisles, and lobbed cans of beer from its mortar cannon to
any fan who said the trigger phrase 'I want a beer'. After the first shipment were sent to be used at
the annual shockball championship, flaws in their programming were evident. Several began to fire
off beer cans in rapid succession at the fans, causing minor bruises and some concussions. Faced with
millions of credits in lawsuits, Zintech Industries shut down, and the remaining Refresh-O-Bots were
shipped off to the junkyards.

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