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Name: Carrier butterfly
Type: Insect

Dexterity: 4D
Perception: 3D
Strength: 1D

Special Abilities
        Low Light Vision: Carrier butterflies can see well in low light conditions, allowing them to fly and navigate at night by starlight.
        Mimicry: Carrier butterflies are excellent mimics, and trained ones can repeat messages verbatim given to them by their masters.

Move: 16
Size: 0.42m long

Description: Carrier butterflies were a species of butterfly native to the planet Maridun. It was .42 meters long,, roughly the size of a Human hand. Possessing the ability to vocalize and repeat instructions, carrier butterflies were kept by the Lurmen colonists who settled on the planet during the Clone Wars for use as pets and communications.

They were able to recognize commands from their masters, fly to specific locations or people and then repeat lengthy audio messages. They offered a slow but secure means of long-range communication due to the near impossibility of intercepting a specific butterfly in the wild.
Tub had a carrier butterfly, which he used to warn his village of a Separatist invasion.

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