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Name: Electroguillotine
Type: Execution device
Cost: 5,000
Availability: 2, R, X

Game Notes: The electroguilotine works on a restrained target (so no attempt to dodge the damage can be made), and makes an attack based on the damage of the Electrostaff powering it, so one staff makes a 5D damage attack on the target, or two staffs make a 10D damage attack. Any attack doing wth a killed result (16+ damage) automatically severs the targets head killing them outright.

Description: The electroguillotine was a device used in executions by beheading the condemned. An electrostaff could be used to activate an electroguillotine.

Around the year 20 BBY, an electroguillotine was to be used in the execution of Ramsis Dendup, but the event was interrupted by the Onderon rebels.

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