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Atribute Dice: 12D
Attribute Minimum/Maximums

Move: 8/10 walking, 10/11 flying.
Size:1.8 meters tall

Special Abilities:  
        Ears: +1D to per checks involving sound
        Eyes: +2D to per checks in low light conditions  
        Suction tipped fingers: Karazats get +4D to climbing when surface is
                                slick and may accomadate their suction cups
                                easily. They gain +3D to climbing on other

Story Factors:  
        Mind Set: Karazats generaly dislike imperials because of the
                  experimanets performed on them by imperials, though
                  they normally won't do anything because they also
                  fear the empire.        

Appearance and Biology:
The Karazats look like a small monkey with large eye's and ears. They are
completely covered in fur and have furry wings that sprout from their backs
which can support their weight plus roughly half their weight. Standing an
average of two feet tall they are normally regaurded as harmless little
by people who don't know their proficiancies with blasters and other
weapons. Their four fingered hands are tipped with suction cups that are
made to stick to any slick surface.

Karazats are normally very cheery and happy about things that always seam to
love peace and will do anything to have some fun or share a good laugh. When
angered they can display hyperactive tempers and fly off the hook at someone.

History and Culture:
The Karazats were thought to have been geneticly engineered by imperials
that needed to be able to transport messages through the air quickly in
the jungles of Endor and were adapted to cities for some unknown reason.
Their skittish traits are mostlikely the cause of having to run from
imperials their entire life. The Karazats have just recently gained their
citizenship in the New Republic.

The Karazats have not been around long enough to set up their own
government nor do they seem like they want to set one up anytime soon.

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