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Warls are native to Canuckia in the Colonies. They are large pack omnivores
which roam the frozen tundras feeding upon whatever they can find. Their
massive form makes them slow-moving on land but a pair of forward flippers
makes them at home in the icy waters. A thick layer of blubber provides all
the protection from the cold they require.

Native Canuckians hunt the Warls in large numbers in order to feed their
small townships. Nearly every part of the Warl can be used. The skin can
be used to make new clothing while the blubber can be boiled to separate
the fat tissue from the valuable oils. The rest of the creature is turned
into various dishes from which the Canuckains feast upon.

Type: Pack omnivore
        Swimming 6D
        Stamina 5D

Special Abilities:
      - Blubber: +1D to resist damage, +3D to resist frigid temperatures.
      - Tusks: STR+2D damage

Move: 6 (walking), 10 (swimming)
Size: 2.25 - 3 meters tall

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