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Galactic Terran Alliance Zeus Class Bomber

Galactic Terran Alliance Zeus Class Bomber
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Kuat Systems Engineering Eta-2 Actis light interceptor
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Haor Chall Engineering Corona-class armed frigate

Alderaan View Update

14/November/2017 Posted by Freddy

         So the first day of Rogue One Week here on, and I'm only 1 day in and wondering why I put myself through this madness. Today I've been focusing on Starships and I've added the Mon Calamari independent engineering MC75 Star Cruiser, the Hammerhead corvette, the Dornean Brahaket Fleetworks Conglomerate Gunship, the Sienar Fleet Systems TIE/sk x1 experimental air superiority fighter, the Eta-class supply barge, the Sienar Fleet Systems Delta-class T-3c shuttle, the Sienar Fleet Systems TIE Reaper, the Incom Corporation UT-60D U-wing starfighter/support craft, and the Telgorn Corporation/Sienar Fleet Systems Zeta-class cargo shuttle to the Star Wars D/6 Starships Section. And today's Major Character is Orson Callan Krennic, who I've added to the Star Wars D/6 Characters Section of the Site.

        Tomorrow, vehicles maybe, or maybe I'll just start drinking.


Comments made about this Article!

18/Nov/2017 07:36:16 Posted by hellstormer1

Now THIS is what I've been waiting for!

19/Nov/2017 15:55:08 Posted by Freddy

Have to admit that season 2 of Clone Wars was a bit of a struggle, so it's kind of what I've been waiting for too. :D

26/Nov/2017 11:41:33 Posted by hellstormer1

Why is it a struggle???

26/Nov/2017 21:27:23 Posted by Freddy

It's not great, and that point was hammered home each week because the new episodes of Rebels were on and I was watching them. In my opinion Rebels is a far superior series, and the contrast between a series which seems to have the attitude of "who cares, it's only for kids", and one which genuinely loves the movies and source material, is clear.
It was almost like I was torturing myself, by forcing me to go back to the inferior series and move on. So I struggled to get through it. And sadly, season 3 is shaping up to be worse.

And I apologise to anyone who likes Clone Wars and hates Rebels (and I'm aware there are many), but it just grates me the wrong way.

27/Nov/2017 12:49:39 Posted by hellstormer1

It's ok man, to each their own. I love Rebels too, though I recently began Clone Wars (inspired by your write-ups, actually), and I've been liking it too. With what little I've seen so far, I think your stuff is good! When you finish Clone Wars, I hope you keep going with Rebels. I remember there is a Rebels sourcebook, but it only really covers the beginning of the series, and the characters' stats reflect that too. Would be cool to see advanced stats for what they learn later on. Sebine Wren, would be cool to see her with some skill for her art in tag painting.

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