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Better, Stronger, Faster

        So I've talked before about how the way a site looks doesn't matter really, regular updates and content are what people keep coming back for.
        And here I am trumpeting the relaunch of the site looking prettier.
        But . . .
        What I said before is true, and I'm not going to break that, I'm going to keep the updates regular, and I'm going to keep the site fresh and full of new things to look at. But lets be honest here, it had been 10 years since the last update of the sites design (late November 2008). And it was looking tired, it was broken in numerous ways, and it barely functioned on mobile phones and tablets. So I've updated it, and added some stuff, and made it work. There's still a lot of old code in here, there's still stats which were hardcoded in html back in 2002 when the site originally launched, but on the whole, the site should work better, look better, and run faster.

        So what's changed?

  • Search Function: We've added a search function to the site to help find stuff easier. It doesn't search the old static HTML pages of the original version of the site, stuff that dates back to 2005 or before, but everything newer should work.
  • Reorganised Menus: We've tidied the menu's up, taking Droids and Weapons out of the Equipment Section and putting them into their own sections. We've also moved Air Speeder and Speeders into a Repulsorlift category, grouping them together, meaning less places to search, and you don't have to work out whether an Air Taxi is a Speeder or an Air Speeder, they're all in the one place.
  • Mobile Compatible: The code works a lot better on mobile phones and tablets, all all the text should be clearer and more readable.
  • Updated code: We've taken out the decades old links to databases which were so old that they were using code being removed from PHP, and implemented more secure database calls and links, which will operate faster.
  • PDF Generator: Instead of the old, Printable versions of pages (where the stats just appeared without the menus to let you print them more easily. RPGGamer now generates a savable PDF, allowing you to save out stats for later use, and easier printing.
  • News Function: The daily updates have now been updated and tidied, allowing us to not only paste the new stuff on RPGGamer, but also news and information we've found and want to share about RPG's and Star Wars, and in fact anything we love and want to shout about.
  • Patreon: We've added a link to a Patreon account. Everything on RPGGamer will always be free, and we'll always keep updating the site for everyone that wants to visit. But for 16 years we've been reaching into our pockets for the cost of keeping the site running, the web hosting and bandwidth costs, and we've been providing our time free of charge for the updates. We've got some interesting ideas for continuing stuff with the site, but we've only so much time to devote before it starts taking away time we need to provide for out families. While these ideas will always come to fruit, we could work on more of these at once with a little help from the fans of the site. So if you want to help out, or want to see some of these things sooner rather than later, then we're providing a link to Patreon to let you help out.

        Many thanks for your patience over the last few days of updates, and many thanks to everyone who's been so great over the past 16 years the sites been running.


Comments made about this Article!

15/Mar/2018 22:47:09 Posted by Freddy

Noticed while doing todays update, I'd intended to split Creatures and Player Character Races from the Characters section into their own sections, so I've just done that.

Hopefully things should be easier to find.

16/Mar/2018 12:28:09 Posted by Freddy

More changes, I've added a "Most Recent Updates" menu to the right hand side of the updates page. As I'm aware that the updates to the site might be getting lost amongst the news updates.

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