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Space gunship

Space gunship
Marchion Ro (Evereni Eye of the Nihil)

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Ugly Workshop (

Ugly Starfighter Workshop

        In the Star Wars universe Ugly Starfighters are where sometakes the remains of different wrecked Starfighters and bolts them together to make a "functioning" vessel, taking the wings off one vessel and bolting them to the cockpit of an entirely different vessel. This workshop allows you to take some of the bodies and engines of vessels from the Star Wars Universe and put them together to create your own unique vessels.

        This workshop is for fun only, and although it is possible to create accurate looking Uglies, it is also possible to create some hideous abominations with wings sticking out of places that wings really shouldn't stick out of.

        For a downloadable version of your ship, move onto the next page using the "Assemble Ship" button, to move back to this screen use the button on the next page to return to designer, if you use the back button then this page will not necessarily show the changes you already made.

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A-Wing Body:
ARC-170 Body:
Cloakshape Body:
E-Wing Body:
Eta-2 Actis Body:
Howlrunner Body:
Jedi Starfighter Body:
Naboo N-1 Body:
R-41 Starchaser Body:
Sith Interceptor Body:
Storm Body:
Scyk Body:
T-Wing Interceptor Body:
TIE Bomber Body:
TIE Fighter Body:
TIE Phantom Body:
Toscan Body:
V-19 Torrent Body:
X-Wing Body:
Y-Wing Body:
Z-95 Atmospheric Body:
Z-95 Clonefighter Body:
Z-95 Headhunter Body:


A-Wing Engines:
ARC-170 Engines:
Cloakshape Wing:
E-Wing Engine:
Eta-2 Actis Engine:
Howlrunner Engines:
Jedi Starfighter Engines:
Naboo N-1 Engines:
R-41 Starchaser Engines:
Sith Interceptor Engines:
Storm Engines:
Scyk Engines:
T-Wing Interceptor Engines:
Tie Advanced Engines:
Tie Defender Engines:
Tie Bomber Engines (L):
Tie Bomber Engines (R):
Tie Fighter Engines:
Tie Interceptor Engines:
Tie Phantom Engines:
Toscan Engines:
V-19 Torrent Engines:
X-Wing T-65 Engines:
X-Wing T-70 Engines:
Y-Wing Engines:
Z-95 Atmospheric Engines:
Z-95 Clonefighter Engines:
Z-95 Headhunter Engines:

           or Build a Random Ugly!