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Cyrus Vuundir (Humanoid Prince / Taborr Val Dorns alter ego)

Cyrus Vuundir (Humanoid Prince / Taborr Val Dorns alter ego)
Sarisa-class gunship

Sarisa-class gunship

Nutrient paste

Nutrient paste

Online Journal Volume 2, Issue 1

Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • From the Editor's Datapad (Kelly St.Clair)
  • The Wolf Pack (Mark O'Brien)
  • The Idiot's Guide to GenCon (Rodney Thompson)
  • Cadences, Part 1 (Jonathan Stevens)
  • Rogues Gallery
  • Fringe File
  • Scout's Log: Krolla (Daniel Haughton)
  • Smuggler's Log: Ezekiel Tane (Ben Flood-Paddock)
  • Galaxy-Wide News Nets
  • Cracken's Intelligence Update
  • Cracken's Rebel Operatives: Mycall Naytaan (Ben Lundberg)
  • Cracken's Rebel Field Guide: MerenData Universal Corporation's Multipurpose Datapad (Robert Thompson)
  • Wanted by Cracken: Darth Deminimus (Ben Flood-Paddock)
  • Book Review: Arms and Equipment Guide (Rodney Thompson)
  • Dice, Camera, Action: Running a Proper Star Wars Game (Kelly St.Clair)
  • The Unversity of Sanbra Guide to Intelligent Life: The Gryps'gar (Rob "Frobi-Wan Kenobi" Froberg)
  • Special Ops.
  • Archtype: The Force Guide (Joseph Al-khazraji)
  • Prestige Class: Jedi Hunter (Mark Fiorovanti)
  • Template: Young Padawan (Grimace)

    Download Online Journal Volume 2, Issue 1

    Online Journal Volume 2, Issue 2

    Table of Contents
  • Cover (SWAG Contest Winning Entry!)
  • Editorial (Derek 'Axius' Thompson - EiC)
  • The Star Side (Derek 'Nafai' Jones)
  • Shadows of the Rebellion (Owen K.C. Stephens and Derek Thompson)
  • The Warder (Rob 'Ardent' Clark)
  • The Spice Den: Greef (Derek 'Nafai' Jones)
  • Imperial Guide to Cold Weather Ops (Jordan 'Reliant' Hoover)
  • The Lonely Gamorrean Urgkle
  • GalaxyBook Field Guide: The Cavaturians (Rob 'Frobi-Wan' Froberg)
  • Force Techniques (Jim Williams)
  • Tales of the FreeSpirit Fan Fiction (IJ Thompson)

    Download Online Journal Volume 2, Issue 2

    Online Journal Volume 2, Issue 3

    Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Quote of the Month
  • Editorial
            I Didn't Mean to Ramble...
  • Prestige Classes... In the D6 system?
            For all of you long term D6 gamers, the Online Journal has put together an article that converts the "unconvertible" D20 prestige classes. A great optional campaign addition.
            by Derek "Nafai" Jones, Gary Astleford and Derek Thompson
            Illustrated by Evan Black, Bob Rodgers, Jason Lego, Amanda Price and Khairul Hisham
  • Lords of Kashyyk
            A high powered Wookiee prestige class that redefines hand to hand combat.
            by Gabriel Johnson
            Illustrated by Wayne Peters
  • Obscure Wildlife of Corellia
            The initial report in the large Grayeer files, Dr. Grayeer reports on Corellian Wildlife.
            by Ben Lundberg
            Illustrated by Jackie Roach, Jim Tessier, Tracy Hart and Isaac James
  • Shockboxing Exposed
            An in-depth look at every facet in the life of Shockboxing. Players and GMs alike will love the campaign and character possibilities in this unique society.
            by Gary Astleford
            Illustrated by Bob Rodgers and Jason Lego
  • Cadences (Part 2)
            The wait is over! All new original fiction from the popular Cadence universe, continued from Issue 1 of the Journal.
            by Donovan Morningfire
            Illustrated by Judas Simon
  • Rogues Gallery
            By Evan Black
  • The Spice Den
            Derek Thompson takes a look at the enhancement drug Black 4-6-9 and all of its fatal affects.
            Illustrated by Tracy Hart
  • The Lonely Gammorean
            Urgkle answers readers questions on love and life.
            Illustrated by Bob Rodgers
  • The Star Side #2
            by Derek "Nafai" Jones

    Download Online Journal Volume 2, Issue 3

    Online Journal Volume 2, Issue 4

    Table of Contents
  • Cover
            A huge "Thank You" goes out to Joe Corroney for graciously contributing the fabulous artwork for this issue's cover!
  • Quote of the Month
  • Editorial
  • Guide to Sith Alchemy and Biomechanics
            Looking for more depth to your Sith supervillain? Everything you need to integrate alchemy into your campaign.
            by Silas "Ravager_of_Worlds" DeBoer
            Illustrated by Jamie "Barefoot Ranger" Parks and Paul Smith
  • Cultivators of the Dead: A New Prestige Class
            An all-new Prestige Class, the Cultivators are an entire Force- using culture just waiting for discovery.
            by Derek Thompson and Rob "Ardent" Clark
            Illustrated by Hannicart Bralt
  • Interrogation and Torture
            Just the thing that makes Imperial Inquisitors all the more deadly. Players and GMs will love these rules for the dark art of torture.
            by Tim "Rogue Janson" Allen
            Illustrated by Stuart "JawaStu" Cunningham
  • Prestige Classes for D6
            Expanding the D6 PrC into the realm of the Dark Side.
            by Gary Astleford
            Illustrated by Khairul Hisham
  • GalaxyWide NewsNet
            Up to the minute regional and galaxy news.
            Compiled and reported by Sean N. Koury
  • GalaxyBook Field Guide
            Looking for a new civilization? The Field Guide returns with a study on the Inoji, their planet, creatures and three specialized Prestige Classes.
            by Rob "Ardent" Clark
            Illustrated by "Church Climbing" Ryan Piscitelli
  • The Rebel Dream
            More SW fan fiction, brought to you in comic book format. Enjoy this 10-page story of a Rebel insurgency team.
            Written & Illustrated by Cuqui
  • Cadences (Part 3)
            The finale of the epic series. This installment of Cadences also includes stats of your favorite heroes. by Donovan Morningfire
            Illustrated by Jude "Judas" Simon

  • Rogues Gallery
            Cutouts for your campaign
            By Amanda Price
  • The Spice Den
            Derek Thompson takes a look at the mind-altering drug Sayte.
            Illustrated by Tracy Hart and Bob Rodgers
  • The Lonely Gammorean
            Urgkle answers readers questions on love and life.
            Illustrated by Bob Rodgers

    Download Online Journal Volume 2, Issue 4

    Starship Challenge

            It started as a challenge to create a better 60,000 credit TIE Fighter. Soon followed the next generation of cheaper Star Destroyers? It grew into an entire community project. Inside are 30 concept starship designs from roughly a dozen fertile Star Wars community members. Whether your campaign is set in a ?What if?? Star Wars universe or you are just curious what was on the drawing board before galactic events shifted industry concerns, this catalog of starships is for you.
            Silas "Ravager_of_worlds" DeBoer, Lead Designer

    Download Starship Challenge

    Tactical Role-Playing

            "Are your combat encounters growing boring and stale? Would you rather spend a whole gaming session playing sabaac or slicing credit chips? Do you you shudder everytime the GM throws your party into yet another ho-hum encounter with the same old tired enemies? Tactical Role-Playing might be your salvation. Herein you will find a plethora of information regarding combat, from both the players and GMs perspectives. From new feats to tips on defeating Jedi, Tactical Role-Playing has something for all gamers alike."
            Written and developed by J. "johnnyputrid" Main

    Download Tactical Role Playing

    Demons In The Dark

            Inspired by the 2000 Universal Studios movie Pitch Black, Demons in the Dark crash lands the heroes into an adventure on the remote planet Kekre. Set to fit into any timeline and any campaign, Demons is ideal for low level characters in both D6 and d20 gaming systems.
            Written and developed by Shannon Farrell

    Download Demons in the Dark for Star Wars D/6
    Download Demons in the Dark for Star Wars D/20

    Arms and Equipment Guide Supplement

            The Arms & Equipment Guide Supplement series is a series of small magazine-like issues containing weapons, armor, equipment, and more! It is is intended to add to the material presented in the original Arms & Equipment Guide produced by Wizards of the Coast. The A&EGSs accepts only original, never before seen d20 equipment. If you would like to contribute, or if you have any comments or questions, you can e-mail the development staff at
            - Jay "Elfword" Neely, AEGS Team Leader

    Download Arms and Equipment Guide Supplement Volume 1 Issue 1
    Download Arms and Equipment Guide Supplement Volume 1 Issue 2
    Download Arms and Equipment Guide Supplement Volume 1 Issue 3

    Net.Guide to Spleens

            Nov 11: A humorous look (or is it?) at spleens in the world of SWRPG. Unbelievable, but yes, there are rules and stats for this medical aspect of gaming in the Star Wars universe. Now you can cause an opponent to break his spleen laughing with a roll of some dice! Compatible with both D6 and d20 systems.
            - Khairul Hisham, Writer & Illustrator.

    Download Net.Guide to Spleens

    Net.Guide to X-wings

            Ever wondered what the first X-wings were like? Ever wondered what upgrades were made as the X-wing went from the capable ship that served the Rebellion to the fierce creature prowling Yuuzhan Vong skips?
            Wonder no longer. From starting point "A" to ending point "XJ", it is our pleasure to present the history of the T-65 Incom X-wing. Any questions? No?
            "Then man your ships, and may the Force be with you."
            - Jim Williams, Developer & Author

    Download Net.Guide to X-Wings

    Net.Guide to Stormtroopers

            For your reading pleasure and use in whole or part in your campaign, I am honored to present my stormtrooper to our community. While a GM's players are always the driving force for campaign creativity, this guide would never have been produced past some stat blocks on notebook paper were it not for this outstanding community created to further our adventures in the realm of Star Wars.
            I would especially like to thank the Online Journal Staff for their incredible job in "packaging" my work.
            My hope is that you get a fraction of the enjoyment using this as I had in creating it. Enjoy...and set weapons for annihilate! There be Rebels here!
            - Jim Williams, Developer & Author

    Download Net.Guide to Stormtroopers

    The Y-Wing Sourcebook

            An unofficial fan-based supplement about different Y-Wing Versions. For use with the Star Wars role-playing game made by West End Games.
            by Urban Lundqvist

    Download The Y-Wing Sourcebook