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Spiker Type-25 Carbine

Spiker Type-25 Carbine
MTV-7 Multi-Terrain Vehicle

MTV-7 Multi-Terrain Vehicle
Zann Consortium Vengeance-class frigate

Zann Consortium Vengeance-class frigate
Eldar Jetbike

Eldar Jetbike

Adventurers Journal Issue 1

Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • West End Games: A History (Andrew Zavadin)
  • Regulators & Renegades (Daniel Sperelli)
  • Internal or External, Hard or Soft: New Martial Arts (Jason Dray)
  • A Safe & Secure Society: Solo Adventure featuring Reska Jat (Mark Dowson)
  • The Great Song: The Force as Sung by Ku-karn Low-garn (John Gendall)
  • Another One Down (Jason Arana Sr.)
  • Absent Friends: An Adventure (Ryan English)
  • Blank Character Sheet
  • General Quarters
  • Behind the Screen: Aractnos Sector
  • New Template: Femme Fatale
  • Location Scout: Hawkbat City featuring Aurek Jenth
  • Beyond Boss featuring Dreena Matura
  • About the Authors & Artists

    Download Adventurers Journal Issue 1

  • Adventurers Journal Issue 2

    Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Alien Environments (Charles McNeill)
  • Just For One Day, You Are The Hero!: A Solo Adventure featuring Aurek Jenth (Mark Dowson)
  • Alien Species Update (Oliver Queen & Daniel Sperelli)
  • Alien Technology and Gear (Johannes Verri)
  • Never Tear Us Apart (Jason Arana Sr.)
  • What Was Lost: an Adventure (Eric Redriguez)
  • Blank Character Sheet
  • General Quarters
  • New Alien Species: The Sen-dro (Daniel Sturman)
  • New Template: The Adventurer
  • Alien Species ...STAT! (Chris Shaylor)
  • 3D Tabletop Minature: Alien Gunslinger
  • Random Alien Appearance Generator
  • Beyong BoSS featuring Dreena Matura
  • Location Scout: Much Hollow
  • About the Authors & Artists

    Download Adventurers Journal Issue 2

  • Adventurers Journal presents Galactic Guide One: Rotgut Station

    Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • A Somewhere in the Middle of Nowhere (Daniel Sturman)
  • Zero Hour (Cian Shay)
  • Greetings From Gutter Town: A Solo Adventure featuring Ferris Hol (Mark Dowson)
  • Another Day At Rot-Gut: Stories & Adventures
  • Left of Center vs. Rites of Passage
  • Blank Character Sheet
  • HoloNews
  • Galactic Guidance
  • Mongdoolian Monks ...STAT!
  • New Template: Detective
  • Starship ...STAT!
  • Location Scout: Rot-Gut Station, featuring Aurek Jenth
  • Exterior of Rotgut Station
  • About the Authors & Artists

    Download Adventurers Journal presents Galactic Guide One: Rotgut Station

  • Adventurers Journal Issue 3

    Table of Contents
  • Distant Suns (Dustin Hawk)
  • Nimbus Commandos (Jason Dray)
  • True Blue: A Star Wars Story (Dustin Hawk)
  • The Pirates Lair: A Solo Adventure featuring Jorin Gar (Mark Dawson)
  • Kira's Corsairs (Ray Napoli)
  • Location Scout: Cathor Hills featuring Aurek Jenth (Josh Moore)
  • Task Force 88 (Brandon Bragg)
  • Jedi Resurgence: A Solo Adventure (Mark Dawson)
  • Artillery: Lord of the Battlefield & Re balancing the Scales (Charles McNeill)
  • HoloNet News and Reports from Caerra Andin of TNN
  • Blank Character Sheet
  • General Quarters
  • Target Locked!: Rotgut Ruckus (David O Little)
  • New Template: Antarian Ranger
  • Pah Starfighter ...STAT!
  • A Little Short for a Stormtrooper (John Gendall)
  • About the Authors & Artists

    Download Adventurers Journal Issue 3

  • Adventurers Journal Issue 4

    Table of Contents
  • The Cosmic Force (Dustin Hawk)
  • Blue Blue: A Star Wars Story - Part Two (Dustin Hawk)
  • The Singular Force (Charles McNeill)
  • The Forcesaber (Dustin Hawk)
  • From A Certain Point of View: Alternate Force Traditions of the Galaxy (Jason Dray)
  • You Are An Imperials Nightmare: A Solo Adventure featuring Zerun/Saekar (Mark Dawson)
  • Understanding the Force (Flynn O'Dinson)
  • Aggressive Negotiations: Solo Adventure featuring Ku Karn Low Garn (Mark Dawson)
  • Of Dreams & Nightmares: An Adventure (Ray Napoli)
  • General Quarters
  • Target Locked: Raid at Jojo's Bar
  • Updated Adventurers Sheet
  • Location Scout: The Cathor Hills Extended featuring Aurek Jenth
  • About the Authors & Artists
  • Announcing Vagabond (Damien Holder)

    Download Adventurers Journal Issue 4