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Star Destroyers

"I've outrun Imperial starships. Not the local bulk cruisers mind you, I'm talking about the big Corellian ships now." - Han Solo (Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope)

Now this is less of a big editorial, as many I've written in the past have been, but more just a topic for discussion and conversation.

Now, the above quote comes from the original "Star Wars, A New Hope" and is when Han is describing the Millenium Falcon to Ben Kenobi when he's asked if it's a fast ship. When I originally watched the movie, I always assumed later in the movie when they're fleeing Tatooine and come under fire from a couple of Star Destroyers, that those were the "local bulk cruisers" that Han was refering to. So I personally always wondered what the big Corellian ships were like.

These days, having seen the movie "Solo: A Star Wars Story" and the Star Destroyers being manufactured above that world I would tend to think that Star Destroyers as we see them throughout the movies are the "big Corellian ships" and that we never saw the "local bulk cruisers" in the movies at all.

Which makes some sense, the Devastator captures the Tantive IV above Tatooine, and they leave a couple of Star Destroyers behind to secure the system and locate the droids and Death Star plans.
But then again, does that make sense? If the Devastator itself is seen as enough to capture the fleeing Rebel vessel, then why (and indeed how) does it leave 2 full Star Destroyers behind to secure the planet?

So it makes me wonder once again. Are these two vessels actually those normally assigned to the Tatooine system? Are they the "local bulk cruisers" which Han boasts about outrunning (and indeed does)? And if they are, does that mean that there are otherwise identical appearing Star Destroyers, some fast, some slow?
Or did Vader and the Devastator summon other Star Destroyers from the Death Star's fleet to Tatooine, and if so how long did they take to arrive? From the movie it looks as if the initial patrols including "Look Sir, Droids!" were from the Devastator? But it did have to rush off and deliver Leia to Tarkin on the Death Star.

Just wondering what anyone else thought?


Comments made about this Article!

13/Jun/2019 19:00:18 Posted by Catsi563

most likely answer is the simplest.

Devastator was part of the fleet that took part in the battle of Skariff. when the tantive escaped the Devastator and other spread out in a search pattern until the Devastator found the trail -- most likely Vader using the force-- and we get the beginning of ep 4

the Devastator then calls in the location to the rest of the fleet who arrive shortly after to take up blockade positions

When Hans talking corellian models he means the Star Destroyers

13/Jun/2019 22:39:23 Posted by Freddy

Which does match up with us seeing Star Destroyers being manufactured above Corellia in Solo: A Star Wars Story.
But Star Destroyers are supposed by be built by Kuat Drive Yards, so above Kuat. Which again just opens the question, are there lots of different types of Star Destroyers, which look alike, but have different capabilities, for example the Corellian ones being faster.

16/Jun/2019 17:07:08 Posted by Vaughn99


I kind of took it this way, being ISD's are quite slow he was brushing it off as a joke that he would ever be caught by an ISD and was no comparison to the speed of his ship. Being that the Corellian ships have been know for there speed of all sizes he was boasting that his was even faster than the high speed corvettes the Corellian factory made, is what he probably he meant to say but as it is written from the verbiage above you would take it at face value that the Corellian factory make a faster version of the ISD design (like a interceptor class ISD of great speed) which we never see or heard of. I agree with the above comments that rarely are ISD a Single vessel in charge of an area, they are usually a fleet of 3-5 and would work together when called upon as back up or as needed for a specific event.

03/Aug/2019 09:09:52 Posted by Freddy

Looks like my question was actually answered long ago, and funnily enough seemingly by West End Games,

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