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I am worried about the new Clone Wars!

        So we don't have a release date for season 7 of Clone Wars yet, and although it was promised for 2019, we're running out of time for it to be released, although February 2020 is now being talked about. But that's not what's worrying me.

        When they announced that The Clone Wars was saved (I didn't know it needed saving, I just thought it ended), they told us we'd be getting 12 new episodes. Going along with the style of the last couple of seasons of Clone Wars, that's 3 new stories of 4 episodes each.

        Except it's not, since they've announced that one of the stories will be "The Bad Batch", which was already released as one of the unfinished episodes on Youtube, so that accounts for 4 of the "new" episodes.

        They haven't told us about whether the other unfinished story, "Crystal Crisis on Utapau" will be released as part of this season (which I have to say is a superior story to many in season 5 and 6), although they have talked about the "Siege of Mandalore" being a story they want to tell.

        Now, they've announced that one of the 4 episode stories will be from the unfinished season, and that one of the other 4 episode stories will be new content. But it's this doubt in what the other 4 episode stories will be is what worries me.

        So, and to not be critical of Disney or Dave Filoni here. When Filoni went to Disney to convince them to pay for a new season of Clone Wars, he almost certainly used the unfinished episodes as a bargaining chip. As those episodes can be finished off for far less expenditure than new episodes created from scratch. Basically, the cost of the final animations, when the scripts, voice acting, and early animation models are done, are minor and mainly consist of computer rendering time, which could easily be absorbed into the cost of making new episodes.

        I think that Dave Filoni will have gone to Disney and told them that basically they can get some episodes for an absolutely bargain price. Give me the money for these new episodes and I'll finish those others off, and you'll get far more content for your TV channel than you'd normally get for your cash.

        So, what's worrying me is that we're getting 12 episodes, and Dave Filoni could have offered Disney 8 episodes of content cheap, which leaves us with only 4 episodes worth of new content.

        But, perhaps they wrote "Crystal Crisis on Utapau" off, maybe they thought it wasn't worth completing! Even though it directly links into one of the Storylines in Rebels? Maybe we're really getting 8 new episodes.

        And let's be honest, the Siege of Mandalore storyline sounds great, with Ahsoka and Rex fighting on Mandalore as Order 66 goes out for the Jedi to be destroyed. Ahsoka isn't a Jedi, so Rex could maybe resist the order to kill her, and they would need to go on the run, leading to their later appearances in Star Wars: Rebels, and we might even get something more to tie the two series together. We'll also see the return of Darth Maul, and perhaps get some explanation of what happened to him after Sidious captured him, and how he eventually ends up leading the Crimson Dawn Syndicate in the Solo: A Star Wars Story movie. Which would be nice.

        Anyway, just some of my thoughts, what do you think? Will we only be getting 4 new episodes of Clone Wars? Did you not bother with the Unfinished Episodes, so you'll be getting 12 episodes which are new to you? Or are you just disappointed we apparently won't be seeing what happened Asaji Ventress, who definitely had one of the most interesting arc's in the show? Let me know.

Comments made about this Article!

08/Oct/2019 00:12:52 Posted by Vaughn99

I would be happy with just the unfinished episodes completed as I tried to watch them as a super fan of the show and they are not the most enjoyable episodes to watch in this form. This also means that they are Expanded Universe (EU) because they were never finished but were made when it was still the EU all Disney is paying for are the final renderings, they will of course be Disney Canon (DC). To me this will be the first time since 2014 the EU has expanded (besides SW#108) as long as they basically do as you mention JUST FINISH the episodes as they are and they don't ADD any DC crap. Now the only nick picking would be ANY episodes that are not OF the unfinished season we have already, this will cause a discussion are they EU? (and they would not be) they will of course be DC. Lastly from what I have read Lucas did plan on ending the series up to Order 66 or just before the opening scenes of The Revenge of the Jedi. in the end I think it will be 8 complete unfinished episodes and 4 new ones to tie up the series to give it a final proper ending.

The story arc for DC for Ventress has been concluded with the book Dark Disciple. I live in the EU and will not spoil it for any one who has not read it. From what I have read George Lucas's daughter wrote the book Dark Disciple or something to that effect as this book was actually suppose to be the 4 episode story arc near the end of the clone wars show that was never made or even started. How true that is I have no clue my be a internet myth!!

08/Oct/2019 06:27:07 Posted by Freddy

Clone Wars is counted as Canon by Disney, as are the unfinished episodes.
In fact apart from the two Trilogies, Clone Wars (in its entirety) was the only thing pre-Disney that's still counted as Canon rather than Expanded Universe.

08/Oct/2019 22:38:34 Posted by Vaughn99


I was not disputing that the Clone Wars series is DC, I was just saying how much of Season 7 can be counted for/towards the EU. I believe like FFG the Clone Wars was considered adding to the EU even after the final cut off of EU material in April 2014 and as late as Oct 2014 with the last and final release of the Imperial Handbook to be considered part of the EU for books. Being that the amount of work and time for these episodes season 5 was probably already done well before the air dates and they were working on six while 5 was still premiering then the EU closed in 2014 with Disney's decision of the Legends banner and why we got the lost missions they called season 6 as they were probably done with and were what a normal season 6 was going to air and the unfinished episodes were probably the second half of season six when production was stopped and Clone Wars Canceled. Just my opinion

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