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So. . . . The Bad Batch?

        So, Disney has announced the new Star Wars Animated Series, and rather than a sequel series to Rebels as many had expected, we've got the Bad Batch. A spin off from the Clone Wars series instead, featuring a group of mutated Clones, whose abilities were beneficial (super strength, uncanny senses, etc).
        The Bad Batch were introduced in a series of episodes from the Unfinished season, which have now been finished off properly for Season 7 of the Clone Wars, which was released earlier this year.
        They've obviously not released too much information about the series, as we're still many months out from it's release (although that said, by this point we'd long since had the Season 7 early trailer, and Resistance had a trailer, so . . .), but it has been revealed that the series will be set after the Clone Wars, with the eponymous Bad Batch working as Mercenaries during the rise of the Galactic Empire.
        Now as a setting this is a pretty good one which hasn't been explored in any detail, as it's a nearly 20 year long time period between the declaration of the Empire and the events of Rogue One and A New Hope.
        We know the Rebellion isn't particularly active for a number of years, but otherwise there's not much information available at all. The Empire will probably still be using Clone Wars era technology, with some of the things recognisable from the Original Trilogy slowly being introduced, as the Clone Troopers transition into Storm Troopers, AT-TE's into AT-AT's etc.
        Another rumour is that Sam Witwer, the voice of Darth Maul in the various Animated Series has signed up to the series. And given where we left that character, having ordered his criminal organisations to go undercover and just try to weather out the storm of the rise of the Empire as best they can, there could be a lot of interesting stories to be told there.
        There of course is the matter of Rex and Ahsoka, whose stories aren't really filled in for this time period, and theoretically we could see Kanan from Rebels appear as he flees from the events of Order 66.
        But that's where the danger exists I believe, as if The Bad Batch is just going to be the further events of established characters I think that there's a chance that it will just be stale, as we already know the fates of Kanan, Ahsoka, Rex, Maul and many others beyond this time period.
        I guess what I'm saying is that I really hope that we're going to see new things, that the Bad Batch will allow an exploration of new territory. That's we'll see new threats from the Empire, rather than just old familiar faces telling the same stories.

        But that's just my thoughts, and it's very early days with not a lot of information has been released so a lot of what I'm saying is just pure speculation, but what do you think about the announcement of this new series and the news they've released so far.


Comments made about this Article!

01/Aug/2020 22:10:46 Posted by Vaughn99

We can only see where they will go with this. For me I have been writing for about a year now or TRYING to write adventures as life happens for the WEG RPG game in this era from during the clone years up to ABOUT 2 years before the battle of Yavin as you mentioned there is a big VOID of events or not much has been written in this time period at least for me in the LEGENDS time line. There is ENOUGH events that I have been doing a TON of research to make sure to write around them or not to contradict much, so for the first 4 months I was warping my head around the events that did occur some that are hard to put in the correct order. I hear you on we know how some END for some of the characters we know but I would like to know the whole story or what brought them to their end. others can still tell a good story to fill there background better with such stories. I know the fate of General Grievous and Admiral Trench but would love to see what the Huk Wars entailed and Trenches previous history and species more explored. As usual there is so much Star Wars Legends that there is many different views of what folks want to see. I am more now for expanding the Universe and filling the grey and void areas that has such minimal info on. I know and have taken flak for it but the Jedi and Sith are cool but get WAY TO MUCH of the LIMELIGHT. I don't need to see them in every movie or cartoon they are really a SUPER small talking point of the greatness of the Star Wars Universe and I will take a Rogue One approach of story telling of ordinary folks banding together for a cause or event. That just me.

15/Aug/2020 08:23:49 Posted by Freddy

Yep, totally agree.
There's not much information yet, and it remains to be seen where they'll go with this, and I really hope it's in an interesting new direction.
But there seems such a drag back to telling more Ahsoka stories, as it's generally seen that she's one of the best things in Animated Star Wars, and while I totally agree, I'm worried they'll spoil that by telling more and more stories.

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