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GENRE: modern/Cyberpunk

BRIEF: The Players are hired to work as security for a new hotel, when murders begin happening.

FULL: A corrupt Central American regime wants to boost revenue by getting foreign travellers to visit, so have opened a new hotel in the Jungle. This hotel is fantastically luxurious with its own man made beach, and is surrounded by thick jungle, it is even just a few minutes walk away from ancient ruins. However terrorists have threatened to sabotage the launch of this new venture, so the government has hired foreign security (the players) to protect the few remaining c-list celebrities that have agreed to come. The celebrities are a dozen or so "known faces" such as porn actresses and aging rock stars, who begin to get murdered (although the 2 dozen staff of the hotel do not get murdered). The phonelinks and radio are sabotaged, and tropical storms stop help arriving, so the players must track down the murderer.

TWIST: The Murderer is not the terrorists (who are present in the form of some of the staff), but in fact the last member of a tribe of savages who were eliminated to make room for the construction of the hotel. He (or she) is extremely good at sneaking (coming and going as they wish), hiding (becoming almost invisible in the shadows), climbing (scaling sheer concrete walls to climb into open windows, and hanging from ceilings to drop onto unaware victims) and of course killing with his machete.

        The players have to stop the murders before the supply of celebrities dries up, and they become the hunted (the staff will flee long before this starts). Lots of wrong leads about the terrorists (who might discover a body and flee to avoid suspicion, but leave clues behind), and even the supernatural (since the ancient temple is nearby), before the real killer is revealed and stopped.

SOURCE: Savage by Paul Boorstin

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