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Arakyd Industries KX-series security droid
SPECTRUM Rhino TRU (Tactical Response Unit)

SPECTRUM Rhino TRU (Tactical Response Unit) Poll 7

        Well the poll for February 2003 is a smackdown, I've chosen various personalities from various Sci-Fi and Fantasy Films and Television series. Because I've tried to balance these out, there is no "Other" option, there also aren't some of the more powerful characters from movies and films available. This was done to try to keep the fight fairly balanced, because I'm perfectly aware that Star Wars Jedi could cut many other characters to shreds, and I didn't want a poll consisting of Darth Vader, Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mace Windu, Qui-Gon Jinn and Kai from Lexx (since he can still operate when cut to shreds, and really only needs one good hit on an opponent to kill them).

        Anyway, I'd like to take this oppotunity to run through the entries to this months Poll, running down my opinions about them.

        Buffy: (Buffy Summers as played by Sarah Michelle Gellar in the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" television series), Buffy Summers is the Chosen One, the Slayer, gifted with mystical powers in combat. As well as being a trained fighter, she has supernaturally fast reflexes, augmented strength and resistance to damage. In hand to hand combat she is lethal, and although she has used crossbows in the past she usually prefers to use swords or her trusty stake, can she hold her own against some of her opponents who are armed with high tech ranged weapons ?

        Han Solo (Captain Han Solo as played by Harrison Ford in the "Star Wars" Episodes 4 to 6 movies), Han Solo is one of the faster gunfighters in the Star Wars universe, and is never seen far from his trusted blaster pistol. But that said, he is only human, and will good training, and high powered energy weaponry prove enough for him to defeat his opponents ?

        Xev (Xev Bellringer of B3K as played by Xenia Seeberg in the "Lexx" television series), Xev is a hybrid between a human and the lethal cluster lizard, therefore being gifted with high strength, good reflexes, and a high resistance to damage. She is also gifted with a high libedo, although the usefulness of this in a fight is somewhat dubious, but can Xev reign supreme over at least her male opponents with cunning use of her lizard skin mini dress ?

        Data (Commander Data as played by Brent Spiner in the "Star Trek: The Next Generation" television series), Data is an android, and is therefore faster, stronger and more damage resistant than mere humans. He is also a star fleet officer and therefore trained in hand to hand combat, as well as having a range of high technology weapons available to him. But will his lack of imagination prove to be a disadvantage, or his moral code allow his opponents to defeat this theoretically tough warrior ?

        Dargo (Ka D'Argo as played by Anthony Simcoe in the "Farscape" television series) Dargo is a Luxan, a warrior species who are physically powerful, and trained in the use of a Qualta blade (a combined sword/ laser rifle). However Luxans suffer from a weakness where any wound which draws blood must be forced to bleed until the blood runs clear, or the Luxan will die of blood poisoning, is this too large a disadvantage for his military training, physical power and high tech weapon to make up for, and does this warrior stand any chance of being victorious ?

        Wolverine (Logan as played by Hugh Jackman in the "X-Men" movies) Wolverine is a mutant human, with incredible regeneration abilities and an adamantium skeleton and claws. Combined with a supernatural strength and centuries of combat training, Wolverine is a very powerful fighter in hand to hand combat, using his razor sharp claws to lethal effect. However, although his skeleton is resistant to almost any damage, his flesh is not, and he seems reluctant to use ranged weapons, does this make him little more than a target for those who have no such reluctance ?

        Legolas (Legolas Greenleaf as played by Orlando Bloom in the "Lord of the Rings" movies), Legolas is an Elf, with many decades (or possibly centuries) of experience, lightning fast reflexes and truly incredible combat skills. His amazing agility allows him to do acrobatics which would leave opponents astounded, and the ability to fire a long-bow like some kind of medieval machine gun makes him a definite contender, will he manage to be a winner against the more advanced opponents he faces ?

        Lara Croft (Lara Croft as played by Angelina Jolie in the "Tomb Raider" movie), Lara Croft may only be human, but her amazing . . . errrr . . . physical attributes and her use of twin Colt 45's, puts her back into the fight. Will she distract opponents with her tight fitting tops, or simply blow them away in a hail of gunfire ?

        Sgt Anderson (Sergeant Ezekiel Anderson as played by Terrance Knox in the "Tour of Duty" television series), Sgt Anderson may only be a human, and may only be included here as the joke entry, but he's proved himself able to survive everything that both the vietkong and the US government has thrown at him. He's walked away from napalm firestorms with only minor scratches, and strolled through areas filled with so much lead that Rambo would run in fear, but can he survive to beat this collection of superpowered and high tech opponents ?

        Well, you've read what I've got say, now go vote !

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