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Footman droid

Footman droid

Gandorthral Atmospherics Roamer-6 Breath mask

Gandorthral Atmospherics Roamer-6 Breath mask
Corporal Avarik (Human Imperial Scout Trooper)

Corporal Avarik (Human Imperial Scout Trooper)

Geeks !

        Having been a "geek" for most of my adult life, I'm actually one of those people who revel in the title. After all, I don't see what's considered so bad about liking fantasy and Sci-fi, reading comics, playing around with computers and playing Role Playing Games. However the stigma of the title has continued, even though people who consider "Geeks" uncool flock to see Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, play on their X-Boxes and Playstations and surf the Internet on a regular basis.

         However even then I'm still an anomaly, since I don't really take part in average British pastimes either, I don't tend to go out a lot and get drunk (I'll go out maybe once every other month), and I DON'T watch football (soccer for our foreign visitors). Because of this I'm considered a little odd, and to be "sad", even though I consider spending a fortune to end up vomiting in the gutter, or to sit and watch a bunch of millionaires kick a ball around to be sadly overrated.

         But this week I was overjoyed to see proof that the average football fan is rather more pathetic than I would ever consider myself to be. In the news this week, I noticed a report that studies have shown that many football fans suffer from depression during the summer season when they cannot go and watch a game. These people apparently feel that their life has no purpose without having the games to go to, and many fill their time by watching repeats of matches.

         Now this strikes me as being extremely pathetic and "sad", making me revel even more in my title as a geek, rather that then someone who suffers from depression and lack of direction in their life because they can't watch a sport.

        Also in the news this week (at least in the UK) there has been constant comments about one of the contestants in the latest series of Big Brother. The contestants name is Jon, he works in computers (some kind of IT manager if I remember right) and is a big Star Wars Fan. This according to the press, and so called average people, makes him boring. However he has been talked about every day in the newspapers, and featured heavily on the daily updates of Big Brother, when other contestants (Gos the chef for example) have done so little that they actually haven't featured some days on the daily update show. Surely if someone is interesting enough to show EVERY DAY, then the aren't quite as boring as someone who's death would not significantly effect the show ?

        But he's a geek, so he is being nationally reviled, although enough people are interested in Star Wars to make each and every film feature highly on the list of most profitable films ever. Grrr, it just annoys the hell out of me, that the self same press who are quite happy to devote half their pages to Lord of the Rings or Star Wars on the films release day, would complain about people who actually like the genre when they are obviously trying to appeal to that same group.

         So come on fellow geeks, lets celebrate, even in adversity we still leave happy lives, and still have some kind of direction in our lives even if it is just waiting until Christmas so we can see Return of the King, or waiting until the final Star Wars film is out :-p . And just remember when someone insinuates that you are "sad" for liking Sci-Fi or Fantasy, just remember to say "Well if I'm a sad and boring geek, whats your excuse?" when they're queueing up next to you to see Lotr, Star Wars or James Bond (which after all is a bigger fantasy than all the rest rolled together).

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