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Millenium Astro Engineering Millennium Hawk

Millenium Astro Engineering Millennium Hawk
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Akurian Snow Flyer
Tatooine Repulsor Train

Tatooine Repulsor Train
Incom Corporation CF9 Crossfire starfighter

Incom Corporation CF9 Crossfire starfighter

The Gallery

        On the night of 25th August 2002, our gaming group was joined by L`s girlfriend over from Belgium. He happened to have a camera with him, and much to the misfortune of mankind was convinced into taking pictures.

        Here for your amusement are a selection of the images that actually came out, and that L passed onto me.

"I`m Blind!!!"

I know it looks as if I`m thinking, but actually this was the Second of two pictures taken, the first of which fused my retinas into a large solid lump (much like the rest of me).
PostScript 2065: It came as a huge shock for Freddy to see his old gaming buddy`s again after 20 years, after all, he didn`t know that restraining orders lapsed after 15.


This picture was taken by L`s girlfriend, can`t you just feel the "lurve" radiating out of the image (I`m gonna get smacked one this weekend).
PostScript 2031: It wasn`t until they introduced the Nobel prize for Online Gaming that L recieved the recognition that he truly deserved.

"Goth ?!?"

C showing off his new Goth look, note the pallid skin, "thin as a rake" physique, morbid depressed expression, and dark clothing.
PostScript 2199: Even at this early stage, there were signs of the coronary heart disease that would cut C`s life short suddenly at the age of 126.


R displaying his "Cute" expression in an attempt to attract girls in Belgium.
PostScript 2045: We always knew that R was perverted and depraved, but none of us suspected at the time that he was despoiled enough to become a member of parliament.

"Being Petted"

K`s hair being caressed by yet another female, ever since he got his hair cut he just can`t help but be stroked by women....
PostScript 2021: We knew that K`s deep loathing of humanity in general would probably end in him commiting murder, but little did we suspect that he would go on to capture the world record for the sociopath with the largest number of known kills.

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