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Kylo Ren / Ben Solo (as of Rise of Skywalker)


        This was a recent occasion when I was GM`ing Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, L was playing a Halfling Pedlar, K was playing an Elf Warrior, R was playing a Human Scholar, C was playing a Dwarf Warrior and we have been joined once again by J (who I`ve written about before) who was playing a human warrior/druid.

        I was running the adventure "Crossing the Border" which is an introduction to the Doomstones Campaign (the adventure is downloadable from the Hogshead Publishing Web-Site. The adventure has the players hired by a noble to escort and bodyguard a prince back to his country where there has been a coup and his brother has seized control.

        The adventure didn`t help people take it at all seriously from the start, with the baron hiring the players talking like Yoda, with "My honour it is to meet you" and "A proposition of work I have" being his opening lines. It wasn`t also helped because the players and the prince are accompanied by "the princes manservant", which we`re pretty sure is common innuendo for talking about someones penis.

        Anyway the journey began, and with a couple of encounters the players were starting to dislike the prince, and questions began to be raised about his sexuality, especially with the amount of time he spent with "his manservant" (and whether this meant he was masturbating or getting "friendly" with the hired help was also debated (not exactly high humour, but then again we don`t do high humour)).

        The questions about his sexuality were further increased when they were met on the border of the princes country by some soldiers led by a friend of his family, and the two men embraced.

        Cries of "get a room", were heard as the two men finished embracing, and further abuse was thrown that night when the friend went across to the princes bedroll, and knelt next to it for a while.

        I however was more than happy for my adventure to degenerate into toilet humour, since the plot was that the family friend was actually on the princes brothers side in the coup, and was actually cutting the princes throat while he slept.

        Although the adventure suggests that this encounter doesn`t have to end in violence (since they`ve failed in their mission, they might as well just go on their way), the writer didn`t know my group, and a battle broke out, leaving all of the opponents on the ground, dead. The players later claimed that this wasn`t out of any sense of revenge for their employer, but simply in case they had any "good stuff".

        Anyway, I haven`t finished running the adventure yet, and we`ll see what other major plot points fall apart under the brutal assault of my group.

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