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All-Terrain MegaCaliber Six (AT-M6)

All-Terrain MegaCaliber Six (AT-M6)
Trandoshan blaster

Trandoshan blaster
Frag Grenade (HS1 2021)

Frag Grenade (HS1 2021)
Greef Karga (head of the Bounty Hunters Guild)

Greef Karga (head of the Bounty Hunters Guild)

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Weapons D6


Anti-Orbital Partical Acceleration Cannon
Arakyd Imperial Anti-Infantry Turret
Arakyd Turret Targetting Control Centre
Atgar 1.6 PD S-Tower
Atgar SpaceDefense Corporation 1.4 FD P-Tower Light anti-vehicle laser cannon
Authority Surprise Pop-Up Flamethrower Emplacement
Borstel Galactic Defense NK-7 Ion Cannon
CCIR Defense Battery
Cron Horizon Corporation BOB-23 800mm "Tromp Cannon"
Feydrakin EchoDefense AA Battery
Feydrakin EchoDefense Anti-Armor Cannon
Feydrakin EchoDefense Cannon
Galactech Formidable Rail Turret
Golan Arms DF.9 Anti-infantry battery
Gungan Energy Shield
HARM Corps R-5 30-mm towed automatic Plasma Cannon
Hunter-Killer Missile System
K-5 Heavy Plasma Howitzer "Big Bertha"
Kashan NW41 Rocket Launcher
Kashan Trench Mortar
Kuat Drive Yards Imperial Anti-Vehicle Turret
Kuat Drive Yards v-150 Planet Defender
Laser Obelisk 1
Laser Obelisk 2
Laser Obelisk 3
Lobic Arms EX-240 StarKiller Rail Gun
Lobic Arms Heavy PBC mk2.2
Lobic Arms Phoenix III Heavy Plasma Burner
Merr-Sonn Munitions 37mm Anti-Starfighter Blaster Cannon
Merr-Sonn Munitions S-5 Recoiless Field Gun
Nerical Neo-YR71 Stun Barricade
Nerical Sky-Lancer Repeating Plasma Emplacement
q-42 krikkit Portable Proton Torpedo Launcher
RanCorp MG-34 Repeater Emplacement
RanCorp MG-42 Repeater Emplacement
RanCorp TC 18 Anti-Infantry Battery
RanCorp ts-5 Anti-Starfighter Battery
RanCorp W4-4mp MegaCannon
Spiezoc V-120 Artillery Emplacement
Spiezoc V-232 Artillery Emplacement
Ubrikkian/SoroSuub 20-mm Assault Blaster Cannon
Verdant Technologies GP-9 Missile Launcher
Verdant Technologies HP-90 Heavy Plasma Howitzer
Welkret Engineering PD-2 Tachyon Field Generator
Welkret Engineering PD-7 Tachyon Field Generator


Avar Kriss lightsaber
Cane Lightsaber
Crossguard lightsaber
Dark Side Artifact Sith Sceptre
Double-bladed spinning lightsaber
Dual-phase lightsaber
Eighth Brothers lightsaber
Extending Lightsaber
Ezras lightsaber
Fifth Brothers lightsaber
Force Blade
Hinged Double-Bladed Lightsaber
Jedi Combat Armour
Jedi Light Axe
Jedi Light Claws
Jedi Light Reaper
Jedi Light Sai
Jedi Light Scimitar
Jedi Plasma Saber
Jedi Red Saber
Jedi Wrist Saber
Kaiburr crystal
Knights of the Old Republic Style Multi-Crystal Lightsabers
Lightsaber pike
Lightsaber shoto
Lightsaber training staff
Lumiyas lightwhip
Ninth Sisters lightsaber
Seventh Sisters lightsaber
Sith Sword
Split saber
The DarkSaber
Umbrella Lightsaber


D-93 Incinerator flamethrower
E-5C heavy blaster rifle
A43 Hushabye pistol
Acidic Adhesive Thermite Gel
Adelphi Armaments SB-60 Pistol
Adelphi db9 Double Barrel pistol
Adelphi Hand Blaster
Adelphi Heavy Wrist-Blaster
Adelphi PN-2 Holdout Blaster
Adelphi qb11 Quad-Barrel Pistol
Adelphi SB-40
Adelphi SB-50
Adelphi SB-70
Adelphi Wrist-Blaster
Advanced Crossbow
Advanced Hornbow
Alderaanian Blade Master Sword
Amban phase-pulse blaster
Ancient blaster rifle
Anti-grav Mine
Antiseptic field generator
Arakyd/Blastech LJ-50 Concussion Rifle
Arbitron 8mm C-15 Impaler Gauss Rifle
Arbitron Electric Spear gun
Arbitron Government Model 2911
Arbitron Ice Blazer One
Arbitron LT-Banger
Arbitron Neural Brain Drain Blaster
Arbitron Sonic Smasher Rifle
Arbitron Tri-Barrel 5
Arbitron: Electric Pulse Weapon
Arbitrons FLARE flame rifle
Arbitrons Statucks
Assan Aeroplane Company Pyrohydra Flintlock Volley Gun
Assan Aeroplane Company Scrapper Light Rapidfire Slugthrower
Atreides LB-36 Blaster Rifle
Auto Blaster Pistol
Automatic Blaster Rifle
B-12 Blaster Rifle
B-12/c Blaster Carbine
B-12/r Repeating Blaster
B-13 Blaster Rifle
Baktoid Armor Workshop E-5 Blaster rifle
Bantha Gun
BasiTech "Assassin" VibroDagger
Battle Droid Blaster
Belecuu Firearms AiC-GK A4 Entrailer
Belecuu Firearms AR131
Belecuu Firearms AR131/F3
Belecuu Firearms AR33-A2 Vindicator
Belecuu Firearms LMG-I Minigun
Belecuu OEN-SP Nevermore
Belecuu P9
Belecuu PK11/C2
Belecuu PK12
Beretta 9mm
Beskar staff
Black Sun foot soldier blaster
Blade X Blaster Pistol
Blas-tech DL-201 Hold-out Blaster
Blast Pike
BlasTech 34 Mountain Troop Rifle
BlasTech 35/A Blaster Rifle
BlasTech 98(a) Blaster Rifle
BlasTech 98k Blaster Rifle
BlasTech 98l Sharpshooter
BlasTech A100
BlasTech A270
BlasTech A285 Sniper Rifle
BlasTech A290
BlasTech A300
BlasTech Charger Blaster Pistol
Blastech CL-12 Blaster Carbine
Blastech DB-25 Security Blaster
Blastech DC-15B Blaster Rifle
BlasTech DC-17m Blaster Rifle
BlasTech DE-88 "Titan" Sports Blaster
BlasTech DL-18 Special
BlasTech DL-25 Light Blaster Pistol
BlasTech DL-35 Variable Output Blaster
BlasTech DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol
BlasTech DL-44 LE
BlasTech DL-44 LE heavy blaster pistol
BlasTech DL-44R Repeating Heavy Blaster Pistol
BlasTech DL-54 Marksman Heavy Blaster Pistol
BlasTech E-15 Vindicator Sniper Blaster Rifle
Blastech E-162 Repeating Blaster Pistol
BlasTech E-5000 StormTrooper Shoulder Cannon
BlasTech E11/B3 Blaster Rifle
BlasTech E12
BlasTech Electrostatic Charge Grenade
BlasTech F-31 Laser Sniper Rifle
BlasTech Industries A-300 Blaster rifle
BlasTech Industries A180 Reconfigurable blaster pistol
BlasTech Industries A280-CFE Blaste
BlasTech Industries A310 Blaster rifle
BlasTech Industries BT X-42 flamethrower
BlasTech Industries DC-15A blaster rifle
BlasTech Industries DC-15S Blaster carbine
BlasTech Industries DC-17 hand blaster
BlasTech Industries DH-17 Blaster rifle
BlasTech Industries DL-18 Blaster pistol
BlasTech Industries DL-21 blaster pistol
BlasTech Industries DLT-18 Heavy blaster rifle
BlasTech Industries DLT-19 heavy blaster rifle
BlasTech Industries Dur-24 Wrist Laser
Blastech Industries E-10 blaster rifle
Blastech Industries E-10R blaster rifle
BlasTech Industries E-11 Stormtrooper blaster rifle
BlasTech Industries E-11b Blaster Rifle
BlasTech Industries E-11D Blaster rifle
BlasTech Industries EL-16 blaster
BlasTech Industries EL-16HFE blaster rifle
BlasTech Industries IB-94 Blaster
BlasTech Industries LL-30 Blaster pistol
BlasTech Industries Relby-v10 micro grenade launcher
BlasTech Industries SE-14C blaster pistol
BlasTech Industries SE-14r Light repeating blaster
BlasTech Industries SS-410 Police Special blaster pistol
BlasTech Industries X-8 Night Sniper
BlasTech Industries/Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc. E-Web Heavy Repeating Blaster
BlasTech MD-20 Disruptor
BlasTech MD-22 Heavy Disruptor Pistol
BlasTech PPC-4
BlasTech PPG-1
BlasTech PPR-2
BlasTech Republic-1 Heavy Assault Blaster
BlasTech RPG-3
BlasTech SR-11 Rifle
BlasTech T-10 Blaster Rifle
BlasTech T-6/H Heavy Blaster Pistol
BlasTech WristBlast-500
BlasTech WristBlast-750
BlasTech WristBlast-900
BLR-1B Beam Rifle (Surgeon)
Boarding Carbine
Bracer Blade
Bryar Technologies Heavy Blaster Pistol
Carrington 2010 Sniper Rifle
Carrington Institutes AR34
Carrington Laptop Gun
Carrington RC-P120
Carrington RC-P120A2
Caster Gun
Caster Gun (McDougall)
CDI Multi Purpose Blaster Rifle
CDI Spray Blaster
Chekla Arms Consortium B2 Blade-Pistol
Clan Groogrun vibro-ax
Clonetrooper Blaster Rifle
Colonial Warriors Laser Pistol
Colt .45 pistol, special duelers edition
Compound Bow
Concussion bow
ConsuleTec A-1 Blaster Rifle
ConsuleTec A-2
ConsuleTec A-3 Hold-Out Blaster
ConsuleTec A-A7 Assault Weapon
Convulsion Grenade
Corellia Drive Technologies BB-80 Fusion Cannon
Corellia Incorporated Anti-tank Grenade
Corellia Incorporated BS-1 Sniper Blaster
Corellia Incorporated FL-1 Grenade Gun
Corellia Incorporated Fragmentation Grenade
Corellia Incorporated HE Grenade
Corellia Incorporated M-23 Assault Rifle
Corellia Incorporated M-50 sniper rifle
Corellia Incorporated M-91 Assault rifle
Corellia Incorporated MP-31 Semi-automatic pistol
Corelliarms I-12 "Phyzon" Hand Blaster Cannon
CorelliArms Soukia Laser Sniper Rifle
Corpo Blaster
CorusArms Foot-Soldier TG-85 Blaster Carbine
CorusArms Guardian Blaster Rifle
Cougar Magnum
Crater Grenade
Czerka Arms 6-2Aug2 hunting rifle
Czerka Arms Adventurer slugthrower rifle
Czerka Slasher 195
DD9 Spitfire
Deactivator hold-out pistol
Death Watch blaster carbine
Deathtek Boltrifle DK-9
Deathtek Dakka Assault Weapon DK-1/8
Deathtek Slicer Cannon, DK-1/6
Deroth X3 disruptor rifle
Desert Eagle .50
Destructive Electro-Magnetic Pulse 2 Gun
DeviAng "Bajic" Heavy Blaster Pistol
DeviAng "Yarian" Blaster Rifle
Devorona Kraken Long Blaster Rifle
DevTech Sidearms Vilmarhs Revenge precision laser dart
Disruptor Pistol
DLT-19D heavy blaster rifle
Door Maker
Double Blaster Pistol
Double-barrel repeating blaster
Drearian Defense Conglomerate Defender Sporting Blaster Pistol (Satines Lament)
Drearian Defense Conglomerate Defender-5 Sporting blaster
Dressellian Projectile Rifle
DT-29 heavy blaster pistol
Du-80 HARM standard issue blaster rifle
Du-90/2 Sniper/blaster rifle
Earth Force PPG
Earth Force PPR
Eirriss Ryloth Defense Tech Blurgg-1120 Hold-out blaster pistol
Eirriss Ryloth Defense Tech Glie-44 blaster pistol
Electrified laser blade
Electro Pulse Pistol
Energy Cage Wrist Launcher
EX-17 Ecstasy Grenade
Exonerator Manicles
Explosive Dart Shooter
Explosive knife
Fatigue Grenade
Field Mortar
Fragmentation Grenade Launcher
GAICO GANT (Gauss-Action Needle Thrower)
Galactech "Fellstroke" Man Portable Missile System
Galactech Alpha-One "Heretical" Blaster Rifle
Galactech Gh-50 Pulse Concussion Grenade Launcher
GalacTech H-14 Medium Repeating Blaster
Galactech PH-20 Energy Staff
Galactech PH-5 Power Gloves
Galactech Pricon Combo-Rifle
Galactic Cutlerys Elite Tactical Knife
Galactic Replicas Spiked Flai
Gamblers 6 shooter .45
Gand slugthrower
Genosian Sonic Energy Rifle
Genosian Sonik Energy Cannon
Golan Arms CR-1 Blaster Cannon
Grayson Corporation Incinerator Mark 2
Grenade Gun
Griven Empire Combination Laser / Grenade Launcher Rifle
Gungan Energy Pole
Gungan Energy Spheres
H480k Extended Range Blaster Pistol
Hand Crossbow
HARM Corps DU-78 Sniper Blaster
HARM Corps DU-80A Standard Issue Blaster Rifle
HARM Corps DU-80A Standard Issue Blaster Rifle
HARM Corps DU-80B Standard Issue Blaster Rifle
Haskins M500 .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle
HattMark Assassin Hold-Out Blaster
HattMark ATG-4 Anti-Tank Sniper Rifle
HattMark BB-12 Blaster Bomb
HattMark BB-3
HattMark BB-6 Blaster Bomb
HattMark BB-9 Blaster Bomb
HattMark Disintegrator
HattMark Force Fire Hold-Out Blaster
HattMark IR Grenade
HattMark MB-1H Holdout Firearm
HattMark MB-1P
HattMark MB-1R
HattMark MB-2P
HattMark MB-2R
HattMark MB-3P
HattMark MB-3R
HattMark SG-4 Shotgun
HattMark SG-7 Shotgun
Heated Smoke Grenade
Heavy Crossbow
Heraali BS5
Heraali CF2
Heraali DD44 Destroyer
Heraali KF7 Assault Rifle
Heraali PP7 Compact Pistol
Heraali PP9i Compact Pistol
Heraali RC-P90
HF-94 Heavy Blaster Pistol
HH-12 rocket launcher
Hockey Stick
Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch
Huttsplitter blaster rifle
Imperial BP-18 Sidearm
Imperial BP-19 Heavy Blaster Pistol
Imperial CQ-55 Blaster Carbine
Imperial D1 Blaster Rifle
Imperial Heavy Assault Repeater
Imperial Munitions CDP-15 Combat Disruptor Pistol
Imperial Munitions HVCPA
Imperial RB-XIIa Repeating Blaster
Imperial Repeating Rifle
Iotran Police Force Issue Slugthrower Pistol
IQA-11 blaster rifle
Kage Electrified short sword
Kalpien-Deskua M364 S1 Blaster Rifle
Kalpien-Deskua S2 Repeating Blaster Carbine
Kaminoan Saber Dart Gun
Kashan Assault Blaster
Kashan Industries A-series Kashan-47 Automatic Rifle
Kashan SFBR-1 Repeating Blaster
Kashan Technological Development Type IV PRG
Kashan Technological Development/Mestic Munitions Type I PRG
Kashan TTH-B Carbine
Kerl Disruptor Staff
Ketsus staff
Kleriian Sword of Armegeddon
Knights of the Old Republic Grenades and Mines
Kuat Weapons Technology Protector Blaster Pistol
Lasan-Malamut Firearms Corporation AB-75 bo-rifle
Lasan-Malamut Firearms Corporation J-19 bo-rifle
Laser ax
Light Repeating Pulse Rifle
Lobic Arms GPS-CAv.1 (Combat Armor version 1)
Lobic Arms/Blastech Eviscerator
LP-41 Blaster Pistol
LPA NN-14 blaster pistol
LR-22 Blaster Rifle
LRR-44 Repeating Blaster
LS-2 Plastique Explosive
Lumnar Diamond Wrist Vibro-Blade
Lumnar Extendable Quarterstaff
Lumnar industires Sonic Knife
Lumnar Industries Blast Sword
Lumnar Industries Ice Shard Pistol
Lumnar Industries Ice Shard Rifle
Lumnar Industries SH-10 Shocknet Rifle
Lumnar Industries SH-5 Shocknet Pistol
Lumnar Industries XU-10 CEP Rifle
Lumnar Industries XV-10 CEP Pistol
Lumnar Magnum GunBlade
Lumnar Revolver GunBlade
Lumnar Shear Trigger GunBlade
Lumnar TigerEye GunBlade
Luxan Qualta Blade
M-4 Combination Blaster Rifle
M41-A Pulse Rifle
Mandalorian Axe
Mandalorian Blast Rifle
Mandalorian Force staff
Mandalorian M9 Assault Blaster
Mandalorian Radiation Disruptors
MariTech BS-120 Noisy Cricket
MattCorp MAD Repeater
MattCorp Magnetically Accellerated Dart Rifle
Menotrop Arms Subsonic Stun Grenade
Merr-Sonn Farbang Blaster Grenade
Merr-Sonn FH-3 Long Blaster Rifle
Merr-Sonn Lightning Strike Fishing Grenade Launcher
Merr-Sonn MSD-10 Hold-Out Disruptor
Merr-Sonn MSD-40 Heavy Disruptor Rifle
Merr-Sonn Munitions K-series M12
Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc 773 Firepuncher Sniper rifle
Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc. 7-PrG proton grenade
Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc. Class-A thermal detonator
Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc. Mark II EWHB-10 Medium Repeating Blaster Cannon
Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc. Model 44 blaster pistol
Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc. MPL-57 Grenade Launcher
Merr-Sonn PR-14 Phaser Rifle
Merr-Sonn PXI-2
Merr-Sonn PXI-3 Pulse Blaster Rifle
Merr-Sonn Reciprocating Quad Blaster
Merr-Sonn Sport Hunter
Merr-Sonn Striker-5 Lightning Cannon
Merr-Sonn Z-6 Rotary Blaster Cannon
MerrSonn Elec Gloves
MerrSonn lw34 Interceptor Missile Launcher
Mestic AR-15/203 Assault Rifle
Mestic M-72 LAW Rocket Launcher
Mestic Munitions AR-16 Assault Rifle
Mestic Munitions AR-17 Sniper Rifle
Mestic Munitions AR-25 Heavy Assault Rifle
Mestic Munitions av-2000 Decimator
Mestic Munitions Crowd Killer 1A (CK-1A) Over-Under/Pump Shotgun
Mestic Munitions Deluxe Rifle Kit
Mestic Munitions HGG-1 Mini Gun
Mestic Munitions Light Game Hunter
Mestic Munitions M-16c Assault Rifle
Mestic Munitions M-16h Heavy Assault Rifle
Mestic Munitions M-16i Assault Rifle
Mestic Munitions M-16m Sharpshooters Rifle
Mestic Munitions Model 14 Rifle
Mestic Munitions Model 15 Rifle
Mestic Munitions Model 16 Assault Rifle
Mestic Munitions Model 21 Rifle
Mestic Munitions MST-11a pump combat shotgun
Mestic Munitions Perferator Auto Pistol .45ACP
Mestic Munitions Pocket Pistol
Mestic Munitions Puma 520 Enforcer
Mestic Munitions Punisher
Mestic Munitions Spec-2
Mestic Munitions SR-22 Sniper Rifle
Mestic Munitions SR-23 Sniper Rifle
Mestic Munitions Type II PRG
Mestic Munitions Type III PRG
Mestic Munitions Viper XP .45ACP
Mestic Munitions Wolverine Assault Pistol .45ACP
Mestic RPG
Mestic sg552 Assault Rifle
Mestic Spec-55 Over-Under
Mestic Spec-8 Auto-Loader
MetaCorp AAFT-1 Flamer
MetaCorp APFT-2 Flamer
Mgando Falschion
Mier-Lang V-59 concussion grenade
Minbari Fighting Staff
Minbari Fighting Stick
Model 203 Grenade Launcher
Model T-17 Plasma Pistol
Model: Termicorp Technologies Midochlorian Gun
Mon Calamari spear blaster
Morellian Weapons Conglomerate MWC-35c Staccato Lightning repeating cannon
Mou-Gun 1aa Blaster Pistol
Mou-Gun 2aa Blaster Pistol
MW-20 Bryar pistol
N-6 Anti-Tank Blaster Rifle
N-7 Anti-Tank Blaster Rifle
Naboo Arms Light Blaster Pistol
Naboo Palace Guard Pistol
Naboo Royal Defense Pistol
Naboo S-5 Blaster Pistol
Naboo Security Guard Heavy Blaster Pistol
Naboo Security Officer Blaster Pistol
Naboo Sporting Blaster
Navcorp T-67 Heavy Repeating Cannon
Nerical ELV-8000 Kinetic Energy Disruptor
Nerical Neo-Y6 Pulse Stun Rifle
Nerical Rolling-Thunder
New Republic Arms "FireStarter" Blaster Pistol
New Republic Arms Angel Anti-Vehicle Missile Launcher
Nightsister energy bow
Nightwatch Baton-Vibroblade
Onderonian disruptor
P-14 Government Model Auto Pistol
Palandrix Personal Protection Gear Power Claw
Particle Projection Cannon
Perfect Defense Contractors MagSec 4
PLS-5 Plastique Explosive
PLS-7 Plastique Explosive
PLS-8 Plastique Explosive
Pook-Ieng Metalworks Daemon Sword, Collectors Edition
Portable E-Web (16)
PriCorp Smasher Grenade Launcher
Proton Charge
Proton grenade
Proximity Charge
Pulse Blaster
Pyke blaster pistol
Quad-Chambered Magnum
Quavar A200
Queen Amidalas Blaster Pistol
R4 Blaster Rifle
RahlTech Charger Rifle
Rancor Munitions Corporation HT-5 Minigun
RanCorp A.R.T. Assault Rifle
RanCorp blastwing anti-tank rocket
RanCorp Encounterer Heavy Blaster Pistol
RanCorp rangler stun net launcher
RanCorp RRL-44 Repeater Rifle
RanCorp Selplex-23 Nerve Gas
RanCorp SMG Repeating Blaster
RanCorp ST-19 Long Rifle
RB-23 General Purpose Medium Repeating Blaster
RB-23(D) Medium Repeating Blaster
RB-27 Medium Repeating Blaster
Rebel Grenade Conveyor
Remington 7mm Magnum Sniper Rifle
Remington Munitions 10 Guage Double Barrel Shotgun
Resklir Dart Sling
RK-3 Blaster Pistol
Rodia Small Arms KD-40 Blaster Sniper Rifle
RT-9 Heavy Explosive
RT-97C heavy blaster rifle
Ryloth X-14 Ripper Blades
Sacros K-11
SATAL Arms Flash Pistol
Sawed-Off Bantha Gun
Sawed-Off Remington 10 Guage
SCUBA trooper rifle
Seismi Mine 41
Seismi Mine 42
Shaped Charge 39
Shaped Charge 40
Sikurdian battle-axe
SLATRL System (Shoulder-Launched Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher)
Sniper Blaster pistol
Sonn-Blas Corporation F-11D blaster rifle
Sonn-Blas Corporation FWMB-10 repeating blaster
Sonn-Blas Corporation SE-44C blaster pistol
SoroSuub "Venom" Repeating Blaster Rifle
SoroSuub BD-1 Cutter vibro-ax
Sorosuub Compact Repeating Blaster Rifle
SoroSuub Corporation JSP-14 pistol
SoroSuub Corporation X-30 Lancer target blast pistol
Sorosuub D-1B Sniper Rifle
SoroSuub DB-33 Advanced Laser Rifle (ALR)
SoroSuub EG-40 Laser Trip Mine
SoroSuub Gatling Assault Laser
SoroSuub H88 Compact Blaster
SoroSuub Laser Bazooka
SoroSuub PHG-3 Personal Magnetic Harpoon Gun
SoroSuub Resurrection Blaster Pistol
SoroSuub Seatrooper One
SoroSuub SLX-445 Beam Laser Cannon
SoroSuub Sniper Laser
SoroSuub Stormtrooper 3 Blaster Rifle
SoroSuub Tri Assault Laser
SoroSuub W-90 Assault Railgun
Spider Mine
Standard Issue New Republic Sidearm
Steyr 9mm TMP
Stone Rain Mortar
Storm Elite 1 Repeating Blaster
Stormtrooper One Carbine
Stormtrooper Three Heavy Blaster Rifle
Stun Pistol
SurvivaTec Snipe-Shot Compound Longbow
SurvivaTec Survival Knife
T-13 Uzi Repeater
T-22 Repeating Blaster
T-22 Sniper Rifle
T-27 Blackjack Riot Suppression Rifle
T-7 ion disruptor rifle
Take-A-Stand Munitions Bron-Z mg294 Heavy Blaster Pistol
Take-A-Stand Munitions HARD-eR mg69 Light Repeating Blaster (LRB)
Tau Ceti M-13 Shock Rifle
Tele Mine 43
Tele Mine 44
Tenloss Syndicate BXR-2 Blaster Sniper Rifle
Tenloss Syndicate Disruptor Rifle
Terranon Blaster Technologies 12-D Proton Sniper Laser Rifle
Th ta Manufacturing SA-26 Rotary Grenade Launcher
Th Ta Manufacturing TA-11LB Tight Bore and TA-11Wide Bore SB Riot Guns
Th Ta Manufacturing TA-16 and TA-16H Blaster Rifle
Th Ta Manufacturing, Inc. TA-1
The Staff of Re
Theelin Grappling boa
Thermal annihilator bomb
Thunder 600 Heavy Blaster Package
Titan Technologies Fury A-18 LE Scoped Blaster Rifle
Titan Technologies KL-27 Hover Cannon
Torplex t-21 plasma missile
Tostovin Munitions Percussive cannon
Trandoshan blaster
Trandoshan Electrified net gun
Trianni Sword
Tricore Industries X-19 Reflective Blaster
Ubrikkian Arms L60 blaster rifle
Umbaran blaster rifle
Unzervalt Creations UN-25o Medium Hand Blaster Rifle
Unzervalt Creations UN-3z Light Hand Blaster
Unzervalt Creations UN-6f Medium Hand Blaster
Verdant Technologies ICE-5 Shoulder Mounted Ion Cannon
Verdant Technologies Incinerator Freezer Weapon
Verdant Technologies Incinerator Heat Weapon
Verdant Technologies Repeating Ion Blaster
Verdant Technologies Repeating Stun Blaster
Verdant Technologies Stunnet Pistol
Verdant Technologies VT-94 Machine Gun
Verdant Technology KI-lah7 pump combat shotgun
VerdanTech Energy Katana
VerdanTech Energy Naginata
VerdanTech Energy Wakizashi
VerdanTech HDS-2 Disruptor
VerdanTech HDS-5 Disruptor
VerdanTech HDS-6 Disruptor
VerdanTech HDS-9 Disruptor
VerdanTech L-5 Shoulder Mounted Missile Launcher
VerdanTech m3 Combat Shotgun
VerdanTech PD-3 Personal Defense Blaster
VerdanTech Shocklance
VerdanTech Uz-8 Repeater
VerdanTech VT-17 Sniper Rifle
VerdanTech VT-3 Holdout Firearm
VerdanTech VT-36E Excalibur Assault Rifle
VerdanTech VT-4 Pistol
VerdanTech VT-47 Assault Rifle
VerdanTech VT-5 Pistol
VerdanTech VT-6de Desert Eagle
VerdanTech VT-7 Pistol
VerdanTech VT-P1SG sniper Rifle
VerdanTech xm1014 Combat Shotgun
Vetricon Anti-infantry mine
Vetricon Anti-Repulsor Magnetic Mine
Vetricon Anti-tank mine
Vetricon BV-13 Blaster Carbine
Vetricon BV-14 Blaster Rifle
Vetricon BV-15 Repeating Blaster Rifle
Vetricon BV-9 Sharpshooters Rifle
Vetricon EMP Mine
Vetricon RPG
VetriconWM-19 Stopper Blaster Carbine BV-13 Blaster Carbine
Voltaire Manufacturing K-11 Photon Cannon
VT-33d blaster pistol
Weapons Masters 33 Sonic Boomer Rifle
Welkret Electronics/Belecuu Firearms RHH-LH Leveler
Westar Arms Incorporated GX-2000 Personal Blaster Pistol
WESTAR-35 blaster pistol
Wookiee Bowcaster
Xexto tinkerer Energy slingshot
XT-1a Military Sidearm
XT-2 Extended-Use Blaster
XT-3 Heavy Blaster Pistol
Xzeri Labor Corporation Chainsaw
Yoyodyne z-10 Compression Rifle
Yoyodyne z-5 Electrostatic Discharger Rifle
Z6 riot control baton
Zarnok Butt Blaster
Zygerrian blaster rifle
Zygerrian slaver whip


Cloak of Nuun
Command Cloak
Elite Cloak of Nuun
Gablith Masquer
Ooglith Cloaker
Ooglith Masquer
Shaper Headdress
Vonduun Skerr Kyrric

Confederacy of Independent Systems


Techno Union J-1 semi-autonomous proton cannon


Baktoid Armor Workshop E-5s sniper rifle
Baktoid Armor Workshop E-60R missile launcher
Baktoid Armor Workshop Electrostaff

Galactic Empire

Non-Player Character

E-10.5 Blaster Rifle


Arc Pulse Generator
BlasTech Industries DC-15A Blaster Carbine
BlasTech Industries E-22 Blaster rifle
BlasTech Industries EC-17 Hold-out blaster
BlasTech Industries T-21 Light Repeating Blaster
Electro Riot Baton
Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc. C-25 Fragmentation grenade
Omega Frost
Pre-Mor Blaster Rifle
Smart Rocket
Zap Rod


Covenant Weapons

Brute Shot Grenade Launcher
Covenant Energy Stave
Covenant Plasma Pistol
Covenant Type-50 Beam Rifle
Covenant Type-51 Carbine
Directed Energy Rifle Covenant Variant
Directed Energy Rifle/ Jiralhanae Variant
Grenade, Flame
Grenade, Plasma
Grenade, Spike
Mauler Type-52 Pistol
Needeler Type-33 Guided Munitions Launcher
Plasma Grenade (HS1 2021)
Plasma Pistol (HS1 2021)
Plasma Rifle (HS1 2021)
Spiker Type-25 Carbine
Type-1 Energy Sword
Type-2 Energy Hammer
Type-33 Light Anti-Armor Weapon
Type-52 Directed Energy Support Weapon

UNSC/Human Heavy Weapons

AIE-486H Heavy Machine Gun
M247 General Purpose Machine Gun
M247H Heavy Machine Gun
M460 Automatic Grenade Launcher (M460 AGL)
M7057/DP Flamethrower
NA4/DP Flamethrower

UNSC/Human Vehicle Weapons

102mm SC-HE Rocket Turret
M512 90mm SBHV Cannon
M638 Autocannon
M68 ALIM Gauss Cannon

UNSC/Human Weapons

AIE-486H Heavy Machine Gun
BR55 Battle Rifle
BR55HB SR Battle Rifle
Combat Knife
Frag Grenade (HS1 2021)
G4H-DuSH Missile Launcher
Grenade, Flashbang
Grenade, Frag
Grenade, Napalm
Grenade, Sonic
Grenade, Thermite
Humbler Stun Device
Kukri (Heavy Bladed Knife, Emile Type)
LAU-65D/SGM-151 Missile Pod
M111 URCEW Spear Gun
M19 SSM Rocket Launcher
M19 SSM Rocket Launcher (M19-B SAM)
M247 General Purpose Machine Gun
M319 Individual Grenade Launcher
M392 Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR)
M41 SSR Missile Launcher
M41 SSR Rocket Launcher
M45 Tactical Shotgun
M6 Series Service Pistol
M6C Magnum Handgun (M6A, B, E, F, H, & I)
M6C/SOCOM Handgun
M6D Magnum Handgun
M6D Pistol (HS1 2021)
M6D/SOCOM HiMag Handgun
M6G Magnum Handgun (B)
M6G Magnum Handgun (C)
M6J Carbine
M6K Handgun
M7/Caseless Submachine Gun (SMG)
M7057/DP Flamethrower
M7S Submachine Gun (SMG)
M90 Shotgun (Mk I, Mk II, M90A)
M99 Stanchion Gauss Rifle
MA37 Assault Rifle
MA5B Assault Rifle
MA5B Assault Rifle (HS1 2021 v1.2)
MA5C Assault Rifle
MA5K Carbine
MA5K Carbine (Variant Rules)
Medium Fusion Destructive Device (MFDD)
Missile Pod
Model BR55 Battle Rifle
Model M6D
Model M6G
Model M7 Caseless Submachine Gun
Model M7/S
Model M90 Shotgun
Model MA5B Assault Rifle
Model MA5C Assault Rifle
Model MA5K Carbine
Model Sniper Rifle System 99
Narq-Dart Pistol
ONI Hard-Sound Rifle
Satchel Charge
Spartan Laser
Spartan Machete
SRS99 AM Sniper Rifle
SRS99C-S2 AM Sniper Rifle
SRS99C-S2 AMB Sniper Rifle
SRS99D-S2 AM Sniper Rifle
XBR55 Battle Rifle
XM510 Multishot Grenade Launcher



Naboo Ion pulse
Onderonian Hunter/Seeker-Torpedo


Bokken Saber
Holographic Lightsaber
Ichor sword / Sword of Talzin
Interlocking Hilt Lightsaber
Yasaburo family heirloom lightsaber


A350 Blaster Rifle
Amban sniper rifle
Assan New Standard Sporting Blaster Pistol
BlasTech Industries A280C Blaster Rifle
BlasTech Industries DC-15LE blaster rifle
BlasTech Industries DH-17 Blaster Pistol
BlasTech Industries DH-447 Sniper Rifle
BlasTech Industries DL-22 Blaster Pistol
BlasTech Industries DLT-19x targeting blaster
BlasTech Industries DLT-20A Blaster rifle
BlasTech Industries DLT-20A Pulse Cannon
BlasTech Industries DT-12 Heavy Blaster Pistol
BlasTech Industries DT-15 Blaster Pistol
BlasTech Industries EE-3 Blaster Rifle
BlasTech Industries EE-4 carbine rifle
BlasTech Industries Roba M-45 repeating ion blaster
BlasTech Industries RSKF-44 heavy blaster
BlasTech Industries W-90 Concussion Rifle
BlasTech Munitions M76 & Sniper & Night Vision Models
BlasTech Munitions Strumgewehr STG-44 & Sniper Model
Boiler Rifle
CC-420 Blaster Pistol
Cycler rifle
Czerka Arms G-41
Czerka Arms G41 (M)
Czerka Arms Munitions FG-42 Type I & Type II Sniper
Czerka Arms ZX Miniature Flame Projector
Dagger thorn
Dioxis grenade
Drearian Defense Conglomerate Defender Sporting Blaster Pistol
E-851 Blaster Pistol
EE-3 carbine rifle
Flash grenade
Gaderffii stick
Impact grenade
Iskalonian Stinger
Jannahs energy bow
Jawa CA-87 Shock Blaster
Kalvarek Consolidated Arms MM9 Rocket System
KiSteer 1284 Projectile Rifle
Mennotor DAS-430 Electromagnetic Projectile Launcher
Merr-Sonn Munitions K-43 Repeating Slugthrower
Merr-Sonn Munitions K21c portable ordnance launcher
Merr-Sonn Munitions VG2 Repeater Slugthrower
Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc. GRS-1 Snare Rifle
Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc. M-57 Blaster pistol
Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc. Mark II EWHB-10 Medium Repeating Blaster Cannon
Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc. Power-5 Heavy Blaster Pistol
Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc. RPS-6
Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc. SX-21 Scatterblaster rifle
MK-Sniper Rifle
Mon Calamari Knights Energy lance
Monlitzer S-195 blaster pistol
Needle ray
NT-242 Sniper rifle
Power lance
Power Mace & Shield
RanCorp Munitions Corporation MG-34
RanCorp Munitions G-98 & Snipers
RanCorp Munitions K-98 & Snipers
Relby K-23 Blaster Pistol
RG-4D Blaster pistol
Shock Grenade
Smoke bomb
SoroSuub Corporation ELG-3A Blaster pistol(Diplomats Blaster)
Static pike
Stun Baton
Thermal imploder
TL-50 Heavy Repeater
Tripod laser
Utapaun Monk Cudgel
Valken-38x Sniper rifle
Velmorian energy sword
Vulk TAU-6-23 (Blastmill) rotary blaster cannon
Wynz-Tek Mk IV Firestorm or Merr-Sonn D-24 Inferno Ion Grenade
Zygerrian energy bow



Gravity Hammer
Mandalorian Whistling Bird Vambrace
Mythosaur axe



Kob sonic blaster
Tehkla blade

Old Republic


BlasTech Industries DC-15x sniper rifle
MX Emplacement Blaster
SoroSuub Corporation Mk II Paladin blaster rifle
Theed Arms Security S-5 heavy blaster pistol
WESTAR-M5 blaster rifle

Robotech Defence Force (RDF)


Macross Starship Missiles

Star Wars Battlefront II


A280 Blaster Rifle
CR-2 Heavy Blaster Pistol (Repeating Blaster Pistol)
EL-16HFE Blaster Rifle
Vanguard Scatter Gun

The First Order


F-11ABA heavy blaster cannon
FWMB-10B Repeating Blaster
Praetorian Guard Bilari Electro-Chain Whip
Praetorian Guard Double-Headed Vibro-Arbir Blade
Praetorian Guard Vibro-Bisento
Praetorian Guard Vibro-Voulge
Sonn-Blas Corporation G125 Projectile Launcher
ST-W48 Blaster

Warhammer 40,000


Eldar Shuriken Pistol
Imperium of Man Bolt Gun (Bolter)

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