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Cantonica Zephyr GB-134 speeder

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Hamato Xiono

March/2014 UPDATES

02/March/2014 Posted by HellStormer1

Hello again.  There's not much to show this time, but what I have is good, and desired by some fans.  Would have finished these sooner, but trouble is ever on the horizon it seems.  For Babylon 5 stuff, i had wanted to work my way up, starting with Earth Alliance/Earthforce, working my way around the younger races, then cap it all off with Vorlon, Shadown, Drakh and Interstellar Alliance stuff.  But, I know my own habits all too well, and there's no guarentee that i would finish this undertaking, surely not in a reasonable amount of time (I'm only one guy).  And, I have recieved emails requesting THIS particular ship.  And, I've also had a strong urging to get right to it.  So, without further adieu, I give you the ISA White Star Destroyer, a ship of impressive stature and firepower.  In games crossed over with Star Wars, this ship could take on an Imperial Star Destroyer or three, perhaps even challenge, if not beat, a Super Star Destroyer, and it could definitely give an actual Death Star a good scare if it unleashes the power of its Quantum Discharge Cannon.  To follow up with this, we also have the ISA White Star Medium Cruiser, a light capital ship that, in the right hands and with its special rules, can take on ships many times its size and power, yet is agile and advanced enough to fight other starfighters.  Before doing up the destroyer, I worked on the original White Star to give me a basis to start from and expand on.  But wait, there's more!  There are several other ISA ships that I'm working on, and the White Star is the basis for just about all of them.  Thanks to the internet for providing some impressive pictures to use, haha!  Also, we have the Hyperspace Jump-Point Engines and Hyperspace Jumpgate listed in "EQUIPMENT" in the Babylon 5 part of Starships D6, and they are also listed in the general Equipment part of Starships D6 for use as crossover material (Hyperspace Jumpgate, Hyperspace Jump-Point Engines).  Of note, there have been talks of Hyperspace Gates in the history of the Star Wars galaxy, and the B5 jumpgates would make a good stand in for these.  And last but not least, I reworked the Gravimetric Drive Propulsion System in Starships D6 Equipment, fleshing it out and making it a more generalized entry not juyst for the Grobyc.  It's a fitting piece of gear for use by more advanced raves in the Star Wars universe!  *Later Added*...ISA Valen Cruiser, ISA Snub-Nose White Star Transport (AKA Blue Star), ISA White Star Gunship.

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