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May/2016 UPDATES

13/May/2016 Posted by Freddy

        So, long time no see . . . .
        And for that I can only apologise, RPGGamer isn't abandoned, but kind of lost it's purpose. You see, I'm not playing or GM'ing Star Wars D/6 anymore, so haven't even been thinking about things.
        However, change is afoot. You see, after ten years working in the same place, I've been made redundant, and am in the middle of setting up with a few other very cool people for ourselves.
        We're setting up a company, Scruffy Dug Design Solutions, we're going to be doing Web Sites, Graphic Design, Social Marketing, and lots of other cool stuff, but mainly helping other people with their businesses.
        And the coolest thing about this is that is part of the plan. A cornerstone of what we're going to do, and I'll actually have time allocated each week to it, and be paid to sit and update the site. I'll reveal more plans as time goes on. But for the moment, please check out Scruffy Dug if you need a website, a logo designed, or even just to see what we're up to.
        And of course, keep checking here to see what changes are happening. And thanks for being patient.

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