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26/January/2020 Posted by Freddy

        A day off yesterday as I'd been completely floored by the flu, can't sleep tonight so back to doing something at least. Today I've added Wedge Antilles (Ace Pilot), Kylo Ren / Ben Solo, & Rose Tico (Resistance Engineer) to the Star Wars D/6 Characters Section of the Site.

        I think that's pretty much about it, except the 3 droids, R2-D2, C-3PO and BB-8, and I'll have a look through to see what else I've missed. By which time I'll have reviewed the last episode of Resistance, and can begin working my way through the season of that.

        A couple of points I thought of while doing todays three. Firstly, that Wookieepedia lists Ben Solo as being Chandrilian, as he was born on Chandrila? So, his parents are a Corellian Human, and an Alderaanian Human, and he's a Chandrilan Human, just because he was born there. Guess it just works like a nationality here on earth, so the Alderaanians will completely die out in a few years no matter of any efforts to save some of their culture . . . .
        Also, it the background information on Rose, apparently Rian Johnson added her because it was supposed to be Poe and Finn who went to Canto Blight and he wanted someone who'd challenge Finn, so added Rose. . . . But that creates one of the moments I disliked most about The Last Jedi, where Finn, who was kidnapped from his parents and enslaved by the First Order is lectured on the sins of the First Order on Slaves by someone who wasn't. . . . . Seems as if the scene would have been improved simply by swapping the roles around, not by changing one of the characters.


Comments made about this Article!

26/Jan/2020 11:46:34 Posted by

Well done with all of these! :) What about the resurrected Emperor?

28/Jan/2020 09:03:04 Posted by Freddy

Done today, well spotted (because I certainly hadn't :) )

24/Feb/2020 12:35:06 Posted by

Thinking about my idea above to have not used Rose, and sent Poe and Finn, and had Poe being the one lectured on the use of slavery by Finn who had been enslaved all his life.
Using that idea, it would have made Poe a more flawed character, and taking this cocky pilot full of self confidence and making him recognise how the average people are suffering under the First Order, so he begins fighting to help people instead of just fighting for glory would have been an interesting bit of character growth for Poe, who was generally underserved in the trilogy.

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