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18/November/2020 Posted by Freddy

        Just an update to as why I'm not updating the site at the moment.
        I woke up monday morning to discover my Internet connection was down. Using my phone I checked the site of my Internet Provider to see whether there were any outages, only to discover that my account had been cancelled.
        After a 2 hour call as they tried to work out what had happened, it turned out I'd been Slammed by another provider. Basically another Internet provider claimed that I was moving my account to them, so my provider cancelled my account. The cancellation had gone so far that an Engineer had attended my local telephone exchange and physically unplugged my connection, so it wasn't just a matter of my provider activating my account, they've got to book an engineer to come out to the exchange and plug me back in. Which is a procedure which can take up to 2 weeks.
        Now, they're trying to rush through an order to get me back online, but potentially that's where I am, offline for 2 weeks. Now I tend to upload videos to the youtube channel 2 weeks in advance, so I don't predict any problems there (unless there's a serious time overrun), but this site I tend to manually update every morning, so it's going to sit un-updated until I'm back online.
        So guess I'll be back then.


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