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13/October/2021 Posted by Freddy

        Well I've finished with Visions, but am absolutely floored by a cold (The BBC is calling it the "worst cold ever", and I can't disagree), my son brought it into the house a week ago, and he's still suffering although I seem to be on the mend. So to tide over until I can get back into it, here's a couple of sets of stats which apparently I missed when doing Episodes 8 & 9, Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo (Human Resistance Officer), & Zorii Bliss (Human Pilot/Smuggler) added to the Star Wars D/6 Characters Section of the Site.
        Reading through Holdo's backstory, she has an astounding range of skills, from imbedded agent with Crimson Dawn, legislator for The Empire, through to head of Bomber Command for the Resistance. I've tried to give her all that experience without making her overpowered, but I think that perhaps I should have just put her on a level with Han, Luke & Leia, with skills in the 10D+ range. Let me know what you think?


Comments made about this Article!

13/Oct/2021 09:45:11 Posted by GMOverkill

Thank you very much, Exalted Webmaster!! Always appreciative of your good work.
Friendly greetings, GMOverkill.

13/Oct/2021 17:42:00 Posted by catsi563

I think you nailed holdo pretty solidly actually shes a fair jack of all trades master of a few type character, Solidly skilled without being OP or mary sueish her command and tactics skills for me should be where shes high level using unconventional tactics which frustrate more ""by the book"" commanders

i think she and thrawn would engage in some epic battles over time

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