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Captain Faro Argyus (Senate Guardsman)
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Shamunaar View Update

27/August/2009 Posted by Freddy

        I wanted to do this with a bit more fanfare, and an editorial, but time as always is against me. Which is ironic since this is the start of a bunch of stats I'm going to be doing based on the time travel SF show, Doctor Who. Today I present a selection of Daleks, including the Imperial Special Weapons Dalek and based on a home built one I found on the internet, Time War Era "Storm" Special Weapons Dalek, which I've added to the Star Wars D/6 Characters Section of the Site.
        The Daleks are the most famous villains of the series, a human-like species mutated and modifed to the point where they are little more than blobs. These blobs are then implanted into (it is suggested that they are cybernetically connected to) sets of armour which is little more than small tanks. For a species of mutants it is ironic that, the Daleks are xenophobic purists, hating anything which isn't a Dalek (and in some cases hating some things which are Daleks, just different Daleks), and set out to destroy everything in the Universe which isn't them.
        In Star Wars the Daleks could be used as a threat as large or small as required, depending on when in the Daleks history they were encountered. Early on, they occupy their planet Skaro, and could be a challenge to a group of Rebels looking for a safe haven planet. Later in the Dalek History, they could be a credible threat to the entire galaxy, causing the Imperial Remnant to aid the New Republic as the Daleks "exterminate" the populations of entire worlds without mercy.
        Anyway, enough of my ranting, I'll try to continue in this theme and do a selection of Doctor Who based stats (Cybermen, Sontarans, Time Lords, Tardis, etc), and I've also been asked for a bunch more stats based on British SF, which I'll be only too happy to do when time permits.

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