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01/January/2022 Posted by Freddy

Happy New Year 2022!

        So first of all, Happy New Year, I hope 2022 is a great year for us all.

        2021 wasn't a great year for me personally, starting off with the death of my sister. The timing of which led to me celebrating my 50th birthday not with my family, but instead by having to leave them behind and drive the length of the UK to her funeral in the middle of a lockdown by myself.

        With three boys and only one girl in the family she was always the peacemaker, the one that no matter how we squabbled we always got along with. Although not a gamer, she had played D&D with her kids, and my favourite memory of her is when we were young, and used to watch old black and white horror and scifi movies from under the covers late at night.

        The site remains busy, although the peaks of new Star Wars movies are now past so the number has been dropping month on month, but still average around 10,000 of you every month, which is amazing. The YouTube channel reached 2,000 subscribers which is also amazing. It's truly amazing to me that so many people like the site and the channel enough to spend their time on it.

        Over the year we covered the Dark Empire series of comics, Infinities, Star Wars Fallen Order, Squadrons (which was a lot of fun), and finishing up with a completest look at The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones. We also have began a monthly update of the Vader and The High Republic series of comics, and we got to enjoy The Bad Batch this year. So a whole load going on, and still lots more to do, as we want to continue with our completest looks at the movies (including some we've covered, but not completely, and there's still loads of comics on our shelves to cover.

        So lots more to come from the site, and we look forwards to seeing you in the next year.


Comments made about this Article!

01/Jan/2022 10:18:15 Posted by GMOverkill

Happy New Year to you too mr. Webmaster!

01/Jan/2022 18:38:08 Posted by Catsi563

Happy new years freddy hope its as awesome as this site and filled with all the wonderful things you could want

may the force be with you

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