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Starfeld Industries ZH-40 Tribune-class Light Freighter

Starfeld Industries ZH-40 Tribune-class Light Freighter



Garel View Update

14/January/2022 Posted by HellStormer1

Hello. Keeping with Halo stuff, I figure since I take forever with getting stuff done, I'd go ahead and take a crack at the main characters from Halo: Combat Evolved. Today I'm glad to present my take on
 The Master Chief, John-117 (Halo: Combat Evolved) and
Cortana (Halo: Combat Evolved), both added to Characters D6, as well as
Mjolnir Armor Mk IV and
Mjolnir Armor Mk V, both added to Equipment D6. I've also added
Halo D6 Rules Options v1.3.0, an updated version of the first one I added. I'll probably add more to it later, it just kleeps getting bigger. Maybe it's time I break down into smaller chunks, I dunno. Anywho, these have also been added to the
HALO D6 Campaign Setting Sourcebook, and I'm looking forward to having it expand over time. Enjoy!


P.S.- Something I thought of before getting out of here. The pic for Cortana's entry. I had trouble finding one, as I wanted a pic that fit her for HCE because the ones I found were just hard to see. Old gaming graphics and all that, great visual in-game being a hazy hologram, not so good for taking still pictures. So I looked for one from HCEA instead. Found some that were close, but didn't fit the bill. Finally found the pic I used somewhere online, popped it in an editor to get the colors close, and...well, i think it turned out ok, but if anyone was curious, that's why it may look off a bit.

P.P.S.- laterI tinkered with the editor and made a version of the Halo D6 Rules Options Sourcebook v1.3.2 (with images) using various art from online, hope it makes a more interesting read and PDF to download.

Comments made about this Article!

10/Jan/2022 18:00:54 Posted by Hellstormer1

Came back and updated the stats for Cortana and Chief.

Cortana's stats reflect using Attribute Dice to give bonuses to a Spartan in Mjolnir armor, and also changes the Attribute Dice for AI Characters to allow Dex/Str to give bonuses to a Spartan even if the AI doesn't have any skills in those Attributes. They still cannot use those Attributes like a PC/NPC due to lacking a body, but can apply bonuses to Mjolnir users that do.

Chief's stats now include bonuses to his Attributes/Skills from his Mjolnir armor and Cortana. While the Master Chief is known as a badass, his stats at first didn't look like they reflect this. With these bonuses they now do. However, one reason for his lack of not having skills as high as characters in Star Wars who are "badass" (like Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, etc) is due to the Chief being described as not being the best at any one thing, but being good at several things in relation to being a soldier, a well-rounded all-comer. On the other hand there are other Spartans said to be better at other things, such as Kelly being the fastest, Linda being the best sniper and a lone wolf (therefor being good at Sneak/Hide skills), and Kurt being the most sociable (therefor having better Perception and interaction skills, as well as a higher Command skill for training the Spartan-IIIs). For Chief's luck, he has 10 Force Points/50 Character Points due to his experience (1 Force Point and 5 Character Points for every +5D skill dice). Without Mjolnir armor and Cortana the Chief is still a decent character with the skills to get the job done. With Mjolnir armor, he gets some bonuses that make him more effective, as well as added durability that makes him more long-lasting in combat, even against other "badass" characters in Star Wars. With Cortana, he reaches true "badass" levels and gets bonuses to his Attributes/Skills that put him more on par with such characters and becomes the living wrecking ball of destruction he is considered to be in the Halo games and setting, and with the right gear can potentially take on entire armies like the Covenant, the Flood, and the Forerunners and their tech.

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