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26/January/2022 Posted by Freddy

        A bunch of characters today, not the ones I'd planned to do, but enough to get me to.

8,000 Stats

        I knew I was going to reach the 8,000 figure soon this year, but didn't think it would be in January, so wow. I'd like to especially thank Hellstormer who has added a bunch of amazing stats recently. I know I've been pretty uncommunicative, just too much on really, but cheers mate, love everything you've put it, it's really stellar work.

        Anyway, today we've added Tanner Cadaman (Human Senator), Jeremoch Colton (Human Alderaanian Pilot), Sweitt Concorkill (Vurk Senator), Neb Creip (Human Senator), Nathaniel Camaran (Human Naboo Security Officer), Olana Chion (Human Jedi Knight), Tsui Choi (Aleena Jedi Master), & Clone trooper pilot to the Star Wars D/6 Characters Section of the Site.

        There's also something which feels right about putting up another character portrayed by Jeremy Bulloch, while the Boba Fett series is running, perhaps we can get a Jeremoch Colton spin off series. Jeremy is a little old now (75), but perhaps since Daniel Logan took over the part of Boba Fett from him, he could also take over the role of Jeremoch in an Old Republic series about an ace pilot. Oh, and yes, I'm kidding. . . .


Comments made about this Article!

26/Jan/2022 15:54:48 Posted by MesterJeger


This site is a invaluable resource for lazy game masters, such as myself.

26/Jan/2022 18:58:19 Posted by Catsi563

Congrats Freddy heres hoping for 10k

27/Jan/2022 00:52:14 Posted by Vaughn99

Jeremy Bulloch being he passed in 2020 I don't think we will see him reprising any roles, you must have forgotten about his passing?

27/Jan/2022 01:24:08 Posted by GMOverkill

Congratulations dear Webmaster Freddy! I love this site and all the great stuff you and Hellstormer has made available to us.
Friendly greetings,

27/Jan/2022 08:46:59 Posted by Freddy

Totally missed Jeremy Bullochs passing, wasn't aware of it at all, and my quick google for Jeremy Bulloch age showed his age at death, without actually mentioning that he'd died.
Hell of a way of finding out. :(

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