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09/September/2022 Posted by Freddy

        So, no updates today.
        Although it coincides with the death of the Queen, I'm not updating today due to my mother being hospitalised and not having the time to deal with anything else today.

        But anyway . . . .

        The Queen is Dead, God Save the King.


Comments made about this Article!

09/Sep/2022 13:41:52 Posted by Lanceor


Je te suis dans l'ombre depuis plusieurs mois/années et j'apprécie fortement ton travail. Alors prends soin des tiens, personne ne t'en tiendra rigueur. Bon rétablissement à ta mère et bon courage à toi.

Que la force soit avec toi.

(Message écrit en français parce que je suis un manche en anglais ;) )

09/Sep/2022 18:48:45 Posted by catsi563

May she ever rest in that place where no shadows fall and where all her domain is love and hearts of her subjects left behind

18/Sep/2022 08:37:58 Posted by Freddy

Lanceor: Thank you very much for the kind comment, I appreciate the difficulties between languages, as my high school french (now some 35+ years old) wasn't up to the task, so I had to use Google translate. Your thoughts are very much appreciated.

catsi563: I'm personally not much of a royalist, but the passing of the Queen has really felt a matter of importance.

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