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Arakyd Industries HL-444 hover loader

Arakyd Industries HL-444 hover loader


Binog (Amphibious Mammal)

Binog (Amphibious Mammal) View Update

20/April/2023 Posted by Freddy

        And the final review for a whole 2 weeks until Visions season 2 and Young Jedi Adventures are released on May the 4th. But anyway here's my review for The Mandalorian: Chapter 23: The Return, which I found a very satisfying conclusion to the season, with some great action, even if it does feel like a series conclusion rather than just the season, as it neatly wraps a whole load of plotlines up.


Comments made about this Article!

20/Apr/2023 15:06:03 Posted by Hellstormer1

I never felt any of the gripe people had for this season. Even that episode with Jack Black, eh, not my fave, but you can't have the highs without some lows. But AFTER that episode, HOLY COW, things really took off! Mandalorians, united, on-screen, going to battle, going to war, and in that last episode for the season.....they Effin' BRING IT! Between The Mandalorian S3 showing a badass jetpack brawl, and Picard S3E9 "Vox" bringing back "THE D"......childhood dreams can come true (Mandalorian), or even be resurrected and come back to life when one thought they were long dead (Picard, "Vox"). Fave moment in Mandalorian S3E8 was at the very end though, after the fighting. After wrapping things up, calming down, Mando and Din Grogu end on a quiet life at a quaint house, and Mando finally called him son. Nice, cozy way to end things. Makes me wonder what's in store for season 4.

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