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Jogan fruit

Jogan fruit View Update

04/May/2023 Posted by Freddy

        So I've reached the end of Season 2 of The Bad Batch, and lets wrap up with the Batch themselves. Today I've added Hunter (Genetically defective clone Scout/Commander), Omega (Clone Child), Tech (Genetically defective clone Technician), Wrecker (Genetically defective clone Soldier), & Crosshair {CT-9904} (Genetically defective clone Sniper) to the Star Wars D/6 Characters Section of the Site.
        Now I haven't done Echo, as I think the version already on the site is up to date and valid. These versions are based on my older versions I did way back when I covered the unfinished episodes of The Clone Wars series, and although the descriptions on Wookieepedia include their superpowers I've stripped these away as they seem to not have access to these kind of powers any more (Hunter is surprised a few times in the series, when his abilities as listed should mean that he would never be).
        I've also toned them down quite a bit from the Unfinished Episodes versions. In those versions, every one of the Batch had a 6D attribute, along with some custom "Special Abilities", to emulate the incredible abilities they displayed in those episodes. I've tended to drop those to 5D now, so they are remarkable, but not superpowered, except for Wrecker, as a 6D Strength only makes him equal to a Wookiee, so I didn't think it was so excessive and left it alone.
        As usual any thoughts let me know in the comments and we can discuss and modify. Anyway, today is the day that Visions Season 2 is released, so I should begin reviewing those episodes tomorrow. However, I've some business involving my mothers passing to take care of, so might not get a chance to watch any of them today, so that might be delayed until Saturday. But to tell the truth I'd rather be watching some new Star Wars.


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