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Mok Shaiz (Ithorian Mayor of Mos Espa)

Mok Shaiz (Ithorian Mayor of Mos Espa) View Update

16/March/2010 Posted by Freddy

        Well, among the reasons I haven't been updating the site (apart health, family, work and my wife getting me addicted to Facebook) has been me returning to playing Freespace 2. I've long been a fan of the game, and recently when thinking about installing it on my computer, I discovered out on the internet that the open source version I had been vaguely aware of had matured and was now a modern, flashy version of the game, with loads of new campaigns to play through. So my love affair with this fantastic game was once again reborn.
        As long term visitors to the site will know, I ripped the game off heavily for ship designs for the Mandalorians, and used the images across the site. But on replaying the game, I thought what the hell, the species and ships were deserving of being converted to Star Wars D/6 intact.
        So today I've started, and I've added the Vasudans to the Player Character Races section of the Characters D/6 page, and the Shivans to the Non-Player Characters section of the same page. I've also addedParliamentary Vasudan Alliance Thoth Class Fighter, Parliamentary Vasudan Alliance Aten Class Cruiser and Parliamentary Vasudan Alliance Typhon Class Destroyer to the Star Wars D/6 Starships Section of the site. I intend to continue converting the Vasudan fleet, and start the Shivan and Terran Fleets, thanks to the Freespace Wiki, this should be a fairly easy task.

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