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Givin View Update

14/August/2023 Posted by Freddy

        And onto the next episode, Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures: Season 1: Story 13: The Jedi and the Thief, with just a couple to go and less than 2 weeks to go until Ahsoka. This is an enjoyable little episode, whose message isn't as strongly told as I think they thought they were telling it, but loads of action and humour, one of the best of this series so far.


Comments made about this Article!

14/Aug/2023 13:49:30 Posted by

I remember you saying you'll probably be doing a Vader comic or two while doing these episodes and waiting for Ahsoka. But what about the other comics? You've seem to have been neglecting the Aphra and Star Wars comics and focusing on the Darth Vader comics. Then again, maybe I've been missing your posts on the other comics.

06/Sep/2023 09:04:40 Posted by Freddy

I've got the Aphra comics, but haven't started reading them. I started a few comics a couple of years ago, but they've mainly ended, such as the High Republic series, so Vader is left over and I haven't started any others yet.

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